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A Brief Guide On Securing Admission to the University of Exeter

Author : louisrolen
Publish Date : 2021-05-05 11:49:28
A Brief Guide On Securing Admission to the University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is one of the research-based universities in west England.  Having a total of four campuses, this university accommodates a huge number of students. Not only do local students get a chance to study, but international students also get the chance.

Pakistan is also one of the eligible countries, and yearly, hundreds of students get admission at Exeter in various subjects. Going to international grounds to enhance your knowledge and polish your existing skills is very important. Getting admissions internationally is not an easy job, and you need expert help to achieve your goals.

Keep scrolling this article to know the admission procedures and available courses and scholarships at Exeter.

Available Graduate And Undergraduate Courses:

The University of Exeter provides an excessive range of subjects to all study levels. Certain subjects have higher rates of competition, and acquiring seats for these subjects is difficult. You can ask for expert guidance and help to secure admission abroad and find a suitable course at Exeter.

Following is the list of available courses for graduate and undergraduate levels.

1. Arab and Islamic studies

One of the most renowned centers for research and teaching in Europe is this department at the University of Exeter. During this course, you will learn more about Islamic teaching and the Muslim world. This research center is equipped with all the technologies and labs for conducting research in one of the most eye-catching architectural buildings. Never miss a chance to secure your seat at this university if interested in a research degree. Asking for the guidance of study abroad consultants in Islamabad will help you in course selection and securing admission abroad.

2. Anthropology

The Anthropology course at this university includes a wide variety of subjects. Along with these varieties of subjects, students will also get a chance to research various settings. From NGOs to hospitals and Hindu Ashrams, you will get an opportunity to support your studies with research in these social settings. You can continue your studies while accessing the latest resources and material under the supervision of professionals.

3. Business and management

Business-oriented minds usually opt for this subject at Exeter. Students get a chance to learn the basics of business and management and then go to advanced levels. Other subjects that students will be able to learn are entrepreneurship, accounting, and finances. During your studies, you will learn leadership and management issues and problems and learn their solutions.

4. Computer science

Technology-loving students usually prefer studying computer science subjects. Graduates of these subjects get high opportunities to earn and improve their professional careers.  At the University of Exeter, both graduate and undergraduate students can choose a wide range of subjects according to their interests. The following are some of the computer science subjects for graduate and undergraduate levels.

  • Computer science (BSC)
  • Computer science and mathematics (BSC)
  • Computer science and mathematics (MSC)
  • Digital and technology solutions degree apprenticeship

Admission Requirements For International Students:

For acquiring admissions, international students need to meet certain requirements. One of the most important requirements that students need to meet is the English language requirements. There are different scoring requirements for each study level in English tests. The following are the tests that students can appear in to secure their admissions at Exeter.

  • GRE
  • Pearson Test for English (PTE)

Other admission requirements include a list of academic certificates, reference letters, and a personal statement providing the reason for admission at Exeter.

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List of Available Scholarships For International Students:

Not every student can fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. One of the reasons for not being able to be on international grounds is the financial issues. The University of Exeter offers some international scholarships to eligible students and helps them finance their studies.

Below are the scholarships available for international students at Exeter.

1. Global excellence scholarship

Global excellence scholarship is granted to high achievers and students studying for a full-time undergraduate degree. Approximately 170 countries are eligible for this scholarship, and an amount of £10,000 and £5,000 tuition fee is offered to students. To get the scholarship, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Submit the web form after getting an offer letter
  • Provide a personal statement consisting of 300 words
  • Must be an undergraduate student

2. Sports scholarship

Athletes from various countries can apply for this scholarship. These students can get an opportunity to represent their countries on various international grounds. The only eligibility criteria for this scholarship is that you must be an athlete and have represented your country. Only the best athletes having the potential to represent their countries can achieve this prestigious scholarship.

3. UNESCO and WHO scholarships

These organizations also provide various scholarships to international students in the UK. Those students wishing to get a scholarship must contact their British council offices. They will guide you regarding the available scholarships and eligibility requirements. You can also consult the study abroad consultants in Islamabad to get tips and help on available scholarships and ways to secure them.

Get Your Admissions Secured at The Best International Universities!

For a brighter future and to enhance your knowledge go to international universities. Make sure the universities you select are the best ones and have the potential to improve your skills and abilities. Having someone guide you regarding these international universities is very important so that you can make the right career decision. Never hesitate to ask for help and advice while making your career decisions.

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