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7 Traits Every Home Inspector Must Have

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-03-25 15:40:08
7 Traits Every Home Inspector Must Have

Being a home inspector means reporting problems in a property and suggesting what needs to be done next. This is a huge responsibility and requires a certain level of integrity and dedication. After all, buyers are looking for assurance, and so are the sellers. Above all, they are looking for honesty. If you have been wondering about becoming a home inspector or simply about what it should be like to choose a good inspector, here are 7 traits every home inspector must have to flourish in this field. 

Student-teacher mindset

Perhaps the biggest trait in a home inspector is his ability to stay updated with the developments in the construction and residential systems industries. Inspector will, then, need to convey this knowledge and more to buyers or sellers during an inspection. Therefore, they need to have a mindset of a student and a teacher. 

Attention to detail

A thorough inspection helps you be a reliable inspector that people refer to their friends and family. This requires home inspectors to have attention to detail to spot the defects in the house, even if it means crawling into tight spaces. 


Everyone has a schedule for the day. As a home inspector, you will be running on someone else’s. Therefore, like any other job, you will need to be punctual when conducting a home inspection. It is always better to reach the site of inspection at the pre-decided time to avoid making a bad impression. 

An open mind

Making a judgment about the house condition is the primary aspect of this job; being judgemental is not. While buyers and visitors have the liberty to form a mental picture of the house based on the exterior, home inspectors don’t. They need to keep an open mind and form an opinion only after inspecting the whole place. 

Helpful nature

Canadian are generally helpful people. However, a home inspector in Ottawa needs to be willing to help and be dedicated to the cause. People who hire you are about to make the biggest real estate decision of their lives. With a mind to help people, you can give them the assurance and honesty they need. 

Integrity and ethics

Integrity and a sense of ethics are the pillars of a home inspector’s job. People hiring you are entrusting you with their house or property purchase decision. This is a great responsibility that requires you to be transparent and ethical to give your customers services they can rely on. 

Professional network

Being a home inspector is the same as being an entrepreneur. You need to network with professionals to get referrals. This includes real estate agents who have a list of inspectors or inspection services and industry professionals whom you can suggest for repairs in the houses you inspect. Having this network can help you be a better inspector and boost your home inspection business. 


Home inspectors play a significant role in ensuring successful and smart real estate purchases. Traits like punctuality, helpfulness, integrity, open-mindedness, attention to detail, and teacher and student mindset are valuable and sought after in this line of profession. When combined with a sound professional network, home inspectors can flourish in their field and offer better services. 


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