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Yashiro Nanakase Announced For King of Fighters 15

- By macdellaill
Publish Date : 2021-03-25 08:16:14
Yashiro Nanakase Announced For King of Fighters 15

The King of Fighters 15 tagline, Shatter All Expectations, is one that SNK has lived by from the very first announcement. As character reveals continue to surface for SNK's upcoming fighter, several announcements are meant to catch fans off guard, keeping King of Fighters fans from expecting too much of the status quo.

The first example of this was the Hero team, initially consisting of two of its former members, Shun'ei and Meitenkun, rounding out with Benimaru. Benimaru, in the past, teamed with Kyo as part of the "Hero" team historically, yet with this roster mix-up, it led to the inevitable Three Sacred Treasures team. With King of Fighters' latest character announcement, the reveal not only shook fan expectations, but was an inclusion that most fans wanted for a long time.

The night before the announcement, the official SNK Global Twitter posted a teaser image asking its fans to guess the next character announced for King of Fighters 15. Some fans had guessed Ryo Sakazaki, the older brother of Yuri Sakazaki who was recently announced. Other fans would correctly guess Yashiro, a fan-favorite among a fan-favorite team whose last playable appearance was King of Fighters '02 UM.

The announcement of Yashiro Nanakase marks the first time in 24 years, since King of Fighters '97, that he has made a canon appearance in a King of Fighters game. This will also be the first time Yashiro transitioned from 2D to 3D, alongside several of his signature attacks like his Capoeira-esque sweep and his one-handed pushup taunt.

A remix of his team's theme from KOF '97 also makes a return, complete with a new voice, as he fights against Iori, his rival from '97. With Yuri and Yashiro both without a full team, it is assumed that Yashiro's teammates from '97, Shermie and Chris, will also make a return in some capacity, joining Yashiro.

Over the past few years, Riot Games have branched out to other genres of gaming outside of their flagship title, League of Legends, using the brand as a gateway for other ventures. Last year, both Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra would release, the latter being Riot's version of a card fight game within the League of Legends universe.

Riot's first FPS, Valorant, was released shortly after combining the hero ability format of Overwatch and the objective-based "one-life-per-round" gameplay of Counter-Strike. Prior to its official release, Valorant was a hit among players following a successful beta integration via Twitch drops. With Wild Rift on the way, promising League-style gameplay on mobile devices, there is a bevy of other titles from Riot that players have been patiently waiting for.

One of the titles was a League of Legends-themed fighting game, first announced during the 2019 EVO tournament by EVO founder, Tom Cannon, who also announced that he will be working on the game along with his brother and fellow EVO founder, Tony Cannon. After months of silence, it appears that news relating to the League fighting game, codenamed Project L, will soon be announced. Pro Runeterra player The Skilled Roy first discovered that Riot began rolling out player surveys to specific players.


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