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Xbox Series X Skin Makes it Look Like Original Console

Author : getdorss1
Publish Date : 2021-02-23 09:02:39
Xbox Series X Skin Makes it Look Like Original Console

The launch of the Xbox Series X marked the fourth iteration of Xbox consoles, and the platform has certainly come a long way since the release of the original Xbox. With an extensive list of Xbox exclusive IPs, massive third-party support, and some of the best console hardware available for the mainstream public, the Xbox Series X is arguably one of the best consoles Xbox has released to date. Now, one fan has managed to bring things full circle, as it were.

When it first released back in the early 2000s, the original Xbox took the gaming community by storm. The amount of successful, original Xbox exclusive games released on the platform blew players away during the console's original run. The original Xbox will forever remain an important part of video game history and one user in particular has taken to celebrating that fact with the release of the Xbox Series X.

One creative Reddit user by the name of marszciano showed off a console skin for the Xbox Series X that's reminiscent of the original Xbox. The green emblem on the front with the silver text reading out Xbox looks exactly as it does on the original console. The skin even replicates the barreled plastic edging along the top and bottom sides of the console, much like the original Xbox, only the edging was on the left and right, horizontally.

Perhaps it's due to the fact that the console was released nearly twenty years ago and was arguably dwarfed by the success of the PlayStation 2, but recently, many in the gaming community have been made nostalgic for the original Xbox. For much older gaming enthusiasts growing up in the early to mid 2000s, the original Xbox was at the heart of many unique experiences in gaming.

Even now, there are a lot of original Xbox games that still hold up today that a lot of younger players likely have no knowledge of. Numerous third-party and original titles that would grow into largely successful and beloved franchises like Halo, Oddsworld, Forza, and Fable. Therefore, for many Xbox fans, the original Xbox skin for the Xbox Series X will be sure to bring back many fond memories.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Xbox, especially considering some original Xbox titles have begun to slowly make their way back into relevancy. With the induction of resources like Xbox Game Pass, hopefully younger audiences who are looking to experience what the original Xbox had to offer will have the chance to by way of Xbox Game Pass or remasters of older titles.

Months after the feature was announced at E3 2017, original Xbox backward compatibility is finally rolling out to Xbox One owners all over the world. Original Xbox backward compatibility allows players to revisit some of their favorite titles with enhancements, including sharper visuals and shorter load times. Many Xbox One owners have been wondering if these enhancements include the addition of achievements, but the answer is no.

Unfortunately, not a single one of the 13 original Xbox games added to the backward compatibility program on October 24th support achievements. Some may have held out hope that achievements would be retroactively added to original Xbox titles, especially since Sony has given PS2 games trophies when played on PS4, but that's simply not the case here.


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