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Xbox Game Pass for PC is Great for Players with Older Builds

- By jomighn1
Publish Date : 2021-02-12 13:08:54
Xbox Game Pass for PC is Great for Players with Older Builds

Xbox Game Pass is a service that many players are familiar with on their Xbox consoles. The service has a PC version, that's still included alongside the Ultimate level subscription, that allows players to download and play a large smattering of titles. Most Microsoft titles are available simultaneously on PC or Xbox as well, which is great for fans of Halo or Gears of War. But with hardware shortages and financial hardships affecting many, Xbox Game Pass for PC offers a lot of indie and older titles that will still run well even on older machines at a cheap monthly price point.

Many players looking to upgrade their PCs in the last year and a half have found themselves dealing with hardware shortages and high prices from scalpers. Still others might find themselves in tighter financial straits than usual due to the continuing impact of Covid-19. PC players on a budget would due well to check out Xbox Game Pass for PC and its collection of both indie and older titles that have lower system requirements to run well. Especially as many are retreading older games in preparation for coming remakes and remasters, the service offers a lot of games to play even on older machines with its fairly low $9.99 a month cost.

The steadily updating roster of games on Game Pass for PC includes a stable of popular indie games like the recently added Cyber Shadow. Inspired by classic side-scrollers and featuring a retro aesthetic Cyber Shadow lower graphical intensity doesn't take away from the game's fun but allows even older PCs to run the game perfectly well. The plug and play nature of the Xbox One controller, and its ability to easily pair to a laptop with Bluetooth capabilities, also means that the twitch style gameplay reminiscent of the original Ninja Gaiden games isn't lost on the keyboard and mouse. Many other indie titles like Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Dead Cells are also available now for Xbox Game Pass for PC and help round out a stable of fun retro-style games.

Game Pass for PC also offers older installments of popular franchises that run well on almost any modern PC. Having partnered with Square Enix to bring some of their classics over, fans looking to replay Final Fantasy 7 while waiting for news about the next part of FF7 Remake will find the game on Game Pass for PC alongside the remastered Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9. And more Final Fantasy games are on the way with FF12: The Zodiac Age, set to release on the service soon. On the Microsoft games side, the Halo: Master Chief Collection, also available, includes many Xbox 360-era titles that play well on many older PCs. Many fans that want too play through the original games while waiting for Halo: Infinite (and a new graphics card or Xbox Series X) can find the series on Game Pass for PC.

The stable of older games available will hopefully expand soon once the EA Play service makes its way to Game Pass for PC. Console players can already enjoy the benefits added by EA Play's partnership with Game Pass but the PC version was unfortunately delayed. Once the details are hammered out and the service is added to Game Pass for PC, a host of older Star Wars titles like the ever-popular Knights of the Old Republic and the classic Star Wars: Battlefronts will become available for PC players to enjoy even on more outdated hardware. Ultimately Game Pass for PC has many benefits that can be enjoyed by players with either the most high-end build or those patiently waiting for restocks on new hardware, and has a host of games for almost any PC players to enjoy.






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