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Will Kojima Productions Be at E3 2021

- By landtears
Publish Date : 2021-04-24 12:56:52
Will Kojima Productions Be at E3 2021

E3 2021 is right around the corner, and fans have started speculating about the new game announcements and surprises that await them. With rumors floating about Kojima Productions' next game, many fans may be wondering whether the legendary creator Hideo Kojima would grace this year's all digital E3 stage.

What's even more interesting, Kojima Productions' art director Yoji Shinkawa has seemingly suggested that the studio's next game announcement could be soon. Back at E3 2016, the Death Stranding announcement took many by surprise, and if that was any indication, fans should brace themselves for anything. With all of this in mind, Kojima Productions may likely be at E3 2021, though it would be interesting to see which showcase it would be a part of.

Ever since it went independent, Kojima Productions has appeared on E3 twice, both times on Sony's stage. Such was seemingly due to the company's exclusive partnership with Sony for Death Stranding. Kojima's comeback at Sony's stage during E3 2016 is still one of E3's greatest moments, and it would be a shame if Kojima doesn't create more such iconic moments.

Although Kojima didn't grace the E3 2018 stage, Death Stranding had a major presence there. The game received a whopping eight minutes of gameplay and a story trailer, which was the most elaborative look at Death Stranding yet. At E3 2019, Kojima Productions and Death Stranding was a no-show thanks to Sony missing out on the event altogether. However, just days prior to E3, fans got a wholesome nine-minute long story trailer that also revealed the game's release date.

Things are seemingly different time this time around. Ever since Xbox head Phil Spencer teased an Xbox Kojima collaboration on a live stream, fans can't stop gushing about whatever Kojima and his team are working on next. This speculation was fueled even further by notable game journalist Jeff Grubb, who suggested that Xbox is in talks to publish Kojima's next game.

If Kojima is indeed in talks with Xbox to publish his next game, a reveal at Xbox's E3 would make sense. Xbox's E3 2021 showcase is already shaping up to be quite a promising affair, especially with the Bethesda and Starfield reveal rumors circulating over the internet. If Kojima Productions' next game is also a part of this lineup, this could very well turn out to be Xbox's best E3 showcase in years. A reveal is one thing, however. Kojima being part of E3, that too at Xbox's showcase, would be a major callback to Sony's E3 2016 showcase. If it happens to be the case, then Xbox fans should expect a colossal affair with Kojima and Spencer diligently discussing this extravagant deal.

However, all of this is still speculation, and fans have to wait for an official announcement from Kojima Productions. Whether the company returns to this year's E3 or not, Kojima's next game announcement could still very well be right around the corner, especially if Death Stranding's release timeline is any indication.

Microsoft and Sony are constantly trying to one-up each other; after all, that is the spirit of competition. This is great since consumers are the ultimate winner who gets the best product by means of this well-natured competition.


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