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What We Want from New Pokemon Snap DLC

- By patric
Publish Date : 2021-05-05 09:53:08
What We Want from New Pokemon Snap DLC

New Pokemon Snap just released a few days ago, but rumors about a potential DLC are already circulating around the community. Dataminers have discovered evidence that a DLC could be coming, and while it's far from confirmed, fans are hopeful. Most players are still exploring the Lental Region, but some have already completed the main courses and are looking for more to do.

Thankfully, New Pokemon Snap is the perfect game for DLCs. Bandai Namco still has hundreds of Pokemon to play with and many opportunities for new stages. Slowly adding new things would encourage people to keep playing even after they finish the main story. New Pokemon, new stages, and new editing tools would all make for great DLC content and would feel like missed opportunities if the current version is all New Pokemon Snap will ever be.

New Pokemon Snap has 11 different locations for players to explore, and each location comes with a day and night version that makes a huge difference. On top of that, the level changes with every research level, making secret interactions possible. Most of the stages also have one or more branching paths that reveal new areas or provide better angles, so there's much more variety than meets the eye. Each level in New Pokemon Snap is well-thought-out and provides multiple opportunities to snap unique photos of favorite Pokemon.

However, even though Bandai Namco could never program an infinite amount of animations or interactions with the Pokemon that populate the existing stages. New Pokemon Snap is a vibrant and fulfilling experience, but it isn't a huge one. In a DLC, opening up additional levels would be a no-brainer. Just about every natural environment has a place in New Pokemon Snap, but there's a lot of opportunity for more nuanced stages. When looking at the map, there is definitely room for more.

The Lental Region is made up of several unique islands, each with its own ecosystem and climate. Each of those islands has one or more stages, but the islands are far from fully explored. For example, the island of Florio only has one stage (two if you count the Illumina Spot) despite being one of the largest islands in the game. There's got to be more to see on Florio alone.

New Pokemon Snap could also open up new areas, similar to what Pokemon Sword and Shield did with its DLCs, or take players to faraway regions for a specialized research exhibition. There are over 800 Pokemon, and Snap only has 200 of them. Where are all the rest?

With new stages would inevitably come new Pokemon. New Pokemon Snap only has about 200 Pokemon on its roster, which has been one of the main criticisms by fans who feel like their favorite Pokemon was left out. In the game's defense, adding many more Pokemon would make the existing stages feel overwhelming and crowded, but with a DLC new Pokemon could easily be added.

There are a couple of locations in the game that could use some more activity, the island of Volcua in particular. The vast desert seems like it could be home to many more Pokemon than are normally seen. Datamining has revealed that there could be up to 40 more Pokemon added at some point- or that 40 Pokemon were cut from the Snap roster. It would be great to see these Pokemon come to the game and liven up the emptier areas.





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