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What to Do After Beating Octopath Traveler

Author : mathsseven
Publish Date : 2021-04-06 07:26:45
What to Do After Beating Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler has around 60 hours of content, give or take. This time frame is only if a player only plays through the game's main storyline and skips by various opportunities the game gives them to divert from the path a bit. This means that once a player finished the game, there is likely still a ton more content to play through if they are up for a challenge.

Players looking to wrap up the extras Octopath Traveler offers can look forward to an additional 20 or so hours of gameplay, while completionists are looking at over 100 hours of playtime. These numbers vary based on a player's playstyle, whether they rush to get things done or take them at a leisurely pace. Still, it is a lot of content, adding much more value to an already well worth its MSRP.

Once players finish the main story of Octopath Traveler, new content opens up that was not available before. By revisiting each city and town, players will find a wealth of new quests available to them. Some of these quests actually close threads that carry through multiple character's storylines, tying up loose ends that players might otherwise be left open.

For those who complain that the story of Octopath Traveler is too disjointed, these quests ease those concerns quite a bit, fleshing out the tale in interesting ways. While these certainly are not mandatory quests to complete, they add more to the lore of the world and the characters within.

Along with the new side-quests the post-game offers, there is a good chance a player did not complete all the side-quests they had before they finished the game. It is even possible they did not even encounter all the side-quests Octopath Traveler has to offer. Once the game is complete and a player's party is more experienced, they may move NPCs out of the way using H'aanit or Olberic and access previously inaccessible portions of the game.

The same goes for dungeons, many of which have paths that are completely optional to wander. Many of these are easy to miss, especially once fast travel becomes possible in the game. Players should take the time to fully explore Octopath Traveler's map and root out every secret they can find.

While many Octopath Traveler players unlock the secret jobs before the end of the game, some players may have missed them altogether. The Runelord, Starseer, Sorcerer, and Warmaster are all amazingly powered jobs, allowing players to boost their party to previously unreachable heights. There are four shrines to unlock each secret job, just like unlocking the normal eight secondary jobs.

Keep in mind that these shrines are not like the eight shrines used to unlock the normal secondary jobs. These four are guarded by powerful bosses that can wipe out an unsuspected party in a matter of moments. The reward is well worth the toil, especially when it comes to unlocking the Runelord, making Tressa the most powerful character in the game.

There is a complete dungeon that does not unlock until the main storyline of Octopath Traveler is complete. The Ruins of Hornburg is a punishing dungeon filled with a gauntlet of bosses to battle. As players complete each boss, the reward is a lengthy bit of lore about the Octopath Traveler world, including threads that tie certain events in the game together in unsuspected ways.


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