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Valorant Could Be Adding a New Mechanic Soon

- By geaniejen
Publish Date : 2021-04-29 09:13:39
Valorant Could Be Adding a New Mechanic Soon

Riot Games launched Valorant almost a year ago, and it’s already one of the most popular esports titles out there. In addition to a growing roster of maps and Agents, Riot may soon introduce a whole new mechanic to the free-to-play tactical hero shooter.

Data miners have been busy studying Valorant’s recent 2.08 update. One of them seems to have stumbled across code pointing to the introduction of a “Downed” mechanic.

Valorant YouTuber and influencer RumbleMike, who goes by @ValorLeaks on Twitter, posted the discovery on Tuesday. The leak reveals technical information on how the game will handle downed characters. Details include a 15 second down timer, a revival range of two meters, and a revival time of two seconds. Downed Agents will have 100 hit points and revive with 50. Additionally, the code contains commands for “Reviving” and “Revived” messages to appear on the screen.

Riot Games, which also develops League of Legends, has not announced the introduction a new game mechanic to Valorant. Neither has it responded to RumbleMike’s discovery. It’s entirely possible he simply found old code from a canceled mechanic. It’s common for game developers to leave in unused data left over from scrapped plans.

However, it’s also very possible that Valorant will get a new mechanic soon. If that is the case, the big question is whether the new mechanic would come with a new game mode. Some commenters suggested Riot may plan to introduce a battle royale mode. That would hardly be an irrational decision, given the current popularity of games like Fortnite, PUBG, and COD: Warzone. However, others questioned whether such a mode would work with Valorant’s style of gameplay. Riot Games would also need to create a map large enough to support the 100 or so players in a typical battle royale game. That would be a significant investment of time and money. So, while possible, doing so might not be likely given the studio’s current priorities.

Another alternative is that Riot could add the downed mechanic to Valorant’s primary gameplay loop. However, that would be a big shakeup to the gameplay. Other possibilities include adding it to the Spike Rush mode or building an entirely new game mode around the mechanic. Others suggested that Valorant may soon get a new agent. A revival power could be unique to this potential new character.

Of course, this is mostly speculation. Riot Games clearly isn’t ready to reveal any more information. Until they are, all fans can do is guess what might be in store for future updates to the popular five vs. five shooter.

Riot Games is the developer behind one of the biggest MOBAs in the world, that being League of Legends. As such, the company seems to know what it is doing in putting together a well-crafted and team-oriented online experience. So when it announced a closed beta for Valorant, a single-life first-person shooter, many were excited to see what Riot Games would come up with. Thus far, Valorant hasn't disappointed, as the game seems to be a wonderful mix of multiple other shooters, while still being its own unique game.

Players all over the world are extremely interested in the brand new shooter, as Valorant is routinely the number one watched game on Twitch and other game streaming platforms. That could be because the only way to get into the closed Valorant beta is by watching Twitch streams, but many battle royale enthusiasts, military shooter fans, and even MOBA mavens are trying out Valorant and loving every second of it.


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