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Valheim VR Mod Now in Beta

Author : iceplank
Publish Date : 2021-04-05 11:51:27
Valheim VR Mod Now in Beta

The Valheim modders seem to be enjoying creating fun new things for the community. Not only do their modifications improve the textures and visuals of the graphics, but they also add a more immersive in-game experience by allowing players to customize how they play the survival game. Recently, another fan produced and shared their own mod that provides a virtual reality experience to all interested Valheim players who own their own VR sets.

It seems as if there is no limit to the creativity found within the hands and minds of Valheim fans. Players have gone online to share their recreations of popular video game locations, one seemingly more impressive than the next. Although the devs themselves are working hard to better Valheim’s gameplay by providing patch updates and improvements, players are likely taking advantage of everything the community has to offer to make their Valheim experience like no other.

Created by Brandon Mousseau, and uploaded by user manicmoose99 on NexusMods, the experimental VHVR mod provides virtual-reality support to the Viking game through the use of programs such as OpenVR and SteamVR Unity integration. In order to use the mod, players have to download and install the BepInExPack Valheim mod framework, and must also have an HMD that supports OpenVR/SteamVR. Though this is not the first time a mod allows players to play Valheim in first person, this is the first mod that lets players use their VR sets to experience the game.

On YouTube, user Brian Tate uploaded a short video that showcased what the mod would look like when implemented into Valheim. The video shows off the first-person virtual reality perspective as the player walks around and does typical stuff in the game. This includes defeating nearby enemies, crafting a campfire indoors, and collecting Flint and Stone, which are necessary materials that are used for crafting in Valheim.

The VHVR mod is currently still in beta, and the creator noted that though motion controls are not yet supported, they are already in the works. This means that the mod can only be played while the user is seated, and using a mouse and keyboard. With Valheim still in Early Access, it is possible that future updates may cause this mod to break or glitch out. Mousseau encourages the mod’s users to be patient as he works out the kinks, and to feel free to report any glitches they find to help further improve the modification.

It is an understatement to say that Valheim is a breakout success. The game is currently without any competition as Steam's most popular game. Surprising even its own developers, the game sits at over 5 million players, thanks to some incredible lighting, terrifying enemies, and mysterious lore. Players gather materials, build the most incredible structures, and generally have a brilliant time in this humble little title. Titles like Valheim are perfect examples of Steam's Early Access working as intended: a tiny project that skyrocketed to success due to the merit of its design and Steam's platform.

Thanks to communicative developers and a passionate fanbase, Valheim sustains it popularity with ease. As part of this popularity, the community around the title is also very close-knit. From crack teams of item recovery heroes to a huge collection of Valheim memes, the game's community has it all.  Consequently, a new player in Valheim immediately has a lot of support. This support does not just come from the fandom, however. A small but incredibly dedicated set of mod creators are working to enhance the game that fans already love so much.


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