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Valheim Body Recovery Squad Helps Players Retrieve Lost Items

Author : tomasrae
Publish Date : 2021-03-05 11:04:39
Valheim Body Recovery Squad Helps Players Retrieve Lost Items

Valheim players have found a plethora of reasons to band together in the sandbox survival game. Teaming up can make fighting some of Valheim's difficult bosses easier, and sometimes it's just nice to explore the unknown with an extra body or two for security. One group of players have decided to take their co-op efforts to the next level, forming the aptly named "Body Recovery Squad." These helpful Vikings are growing in numbers, and they help players to recover lost items after an untimely death.

Not every game is going to dish out the same penalty for death, and some games are more notorious for punishing players who fall off some high ledge or try to take on a cave full of high level enemies. Games in the Souls series treat death as an inevitability to be embraced over and over, while the most extreme Ironman Mode in Old School Runescape will lock a player out of their character's account permanently upon death. While death in Valheim doesn't incur the same extreme consequences as in Runescape or a Souls game, players will lose any items on them. Luckily, the Body Recovery Squad can help get those items back.

The Body Recovery Squad have their own Discord server where Valheim players can find the #assistance-application channel and hit an "SOS" button to ask for help. One of the server members (called operators) will then get in contact with Viking(s) in need, organize a party, and go out in search of the lost equipment. The Body Recovery Squad was founded by a man from British Colombia named Lucas, who posted his idea on a Valheim subreddit and started up the squad that very same day.

Not anyone can just immediately become a Body Recovery Squad member. Operators are actually given literature to study and go through training, and then they are paired with a more experienced operator until their survival skills are up to snuff. Applying operators must also have some excellent Valheim weapons and armor, along with "the right stuff." Body Recovery Squad members will help players for as long as it takes to recover their bodies and items and see them safely to a determined destination. It's all completely free, too.

Lucas believes that over 100 players have been helped by the Body Recovery Squad so far, and requests for help from the group are only growing. Joining up with friends in Valheim, or recruiting helpful strangers like the Body Recovery Squad, allow players to get through tough situations with much needed support, demonstrating some excellent cooperative gaming.

There are a lot of Viking-themed shenanigans to get up to in Valheim. Developer Iron Gate has created an open world survival game full of crafting and slaying mythical beasts. However, for the more passive players out there, taming wild animals is also an option in Valheim.

With the title breaking a milestone of 5 million Steam sales, there are plenty of fans enjoying the game. Some of those playing will want to collect various beasts and add them to their settlements. Of these are the Lox, which are large and fluffy animals similar to a buffalo or rhinoceros. While there is no real benefit to taming these creatures, they will no doubt add flair to a player's town.


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