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Untitled Goose Game Player Makes Honking Terrifying

- By hypeshare
Publish Date : 2021-04-22 11:05:04
Untitled Goose Game Player Makes Honking Terrifying

One of the most popular indie games of 2019, House House’s Untitled Goose Game, has kept many of its players engaged due to its unique and simplistic gameplay style. Fans who still log onto the game, despite it being almost two years old, continue to find amusing ways to bother the game’s villagers while waddling around as a feathered fiend. Recently, an Untitled Goose Game player discovered a mortifying way to modify how the goose honks in the game, allowing for humorous reactions from the title’s NPCs.

Untitled Goose Game surprisingly grew in popularity back when it was first released. At the end of 2019, the indie title had sold over 1 million copies worldwide, and was even considered one of the most downloaded Nintendo Switch games of that year. In 2020, the puzzle stealth video game won several awards in the indie category, and even earned the coveted Game of the Year title at the Game Developer's Choice Awards in 2020. This shows that simple games can still earn recognition, as long as its player base finds it fun and enjoyable.

Recently, a TikTok user named trevstopher recorded his adventures in Untitled Goose Game. In the short clip, he first showed the singular honk a player can make as the goose. This can feel quite lacking, especially for players who likely enjoy being trigger happy with something as annoying as the goose’s honk. Trevstopher then proceeded to show how to modify the speed of the goose’s honk by going into the Untitled Goose Game’s settings and changing the button prompt for the action. He switches the action to the mouse wheel button instead of the game’s typical spacebar.

Trevstopher then proceeds to showcase the annoyingly continuous honks the goose can make with this modification. To make it more interesting, he uses a can of compressed air to increase the speed of the spinning mouse wheel. This produces long, overlapping honks that mesh together, disturbing all the villagers who are within earshot of the noise. Trevstopher showcases this with several clips of him chasing after villagers, and even using different props to get the loud sounds across.

Though no news about a sequel to Untitled Goose Game has been announced yet, this modification can provide a new and hilarious experience as players go through the game's different objectives. With Untitled Goose Game now having co-op, two players can likely make double the noise, making for a fun and engaging playthrough the indie title.

Upon arriving on High Street in Untitled Goose Game, players will receive a brand new to-do list that is filled with a bevy of tasks. One of these tasks centers around going shopping, and fans that hope to complete it will need to put a variety of items into the basket that sits in front of the shop. While a majority of these items are quite easy to locate, some players may have a bit of trouble tracking down one in particular: Untitled Goose Game's toothbrush.

To put things simply, the toothbrush in Untitled Goose Game is located inside of the trash can that is found just to the right of the shop, and players should knock the bin over once it has been located. Notably, there are also some apple cores inside of this trash can, and fans of this acclaimed indie game may need to remove them before they are able to pickup the toothbrush and return it to the wire basket.


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