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Twitch Streamer xQc Criticizes Hot Tub Streams

Author : mallmeans
Publish Date : 2021-04-21 11:31:18
Twitch Streamer xQc Criticizes Hot Tub Streams

Hot tub streams are filling the Just Chatting broadcast section of Twitch due to the popularity they achieve, but the most-watched streamer on the platform isn't impressed.

Popular streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel recently went on the record to call out hot tub streamers and implore Twitch to remove these broadcasts from the front page of the platform. While it's clear that xQc isn't upset about the hot tub streams taking away his views, the popular personality sees an issue with where the meta of Twitch is going.

Streaming on Twitch from the comfort of a hot tub isn't brand new, but these streams have been prominent features of the Just Chatting section of the platform in recent months. These hot tub streams aren't typically displayed on Twitch’s front page through recommendations, but if viewers sort by the highest-viewed channels, many of these streams are bound to pop up. These hot tub streams are not limited to women wearing suggestive clothing, as several men have joined the Twitch swimsuit movement.

Popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold recently went on the record as well to discuss a growing anti-woman sentiment on the platform due to Twitch's inability to address the hot tub streams. Other female streamers have discussed hot tub streams as well, saying that it creates an unrealistic expectation with women who choose not to stream in their swimsuits.

Unafraid to voice his opinion, the Canadian Twitch streamer xQc stated that the hot tub streaming meta is the most "pathetic" trend on Twitch so far. Twitch's existing policy brings up context which is important with these hot tub streams as broadcasters are allowed to wear swimwear at the beach, pool, etc. which creates a loophole.

Well-known streamers continue to speak out against various Twitch policies and xQc is using his voice to implore Twitch to change things in the Just Chatting section of the platform. Twitch hasn't addressed the hot tub stream meta, and the broadcasts continue to bring in tons of views to the platform.

Some hot tub streamers have been banned for their actions for taking things a little too far, but most of them are allowed to stream when they follow the terms of service. While xQc hasn't explained what he expects Twitch to do with the hot tub streaming section of Twitch, it's possible that the company may release a statement if more popular streamers speak out against it.

While NoPixel's GTA Roleplay server has been dominating Twitch streams, the server has had its fair share of controversies and drama. This is especially so for popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel.

Over recent weeks xQc has ridden a roller coaster of being banned and unbanned from the NoPixel server. While some viewers were concerned that his most recent ban would be permanent, the streamer recently returned to the server where players take on roles of different roles or jobs, such as bank robber or police office, and must abide by a strict set of rules and roleplay guidelines.

Upon returning to the server it did not take long for xQc to run into a police officer yet again. While staging a bank heist, xQc took full-time streamer KylieBitkin's character Brittany Angel, a police officer, hostage. The two streamers roleplayed a negotiation that ended with xQc beginning to loot the bank vault, leaving him unable to move during the lengthy animation. KylieBitkin took the opportunity to open the security gate to the vault and then gun xQc down while he could not react, much to the displeasure of xQc's chat who jumped to the other streamer's chat and began harassing her on Twitch for not roleplaying a police officer accurately.


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