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Twitch Shares Valentine’s Day Cards Themed Around Streamers

Author : mablerome
Publish Date : 2021-02-15 10:35:39
Twitch Shares Valentine’s Day Cards Themed Around Streamers

It is Valentine's Day and seemingly everyone is getting in on the action; including Twitch. In the world of gaming, many are celebrating the big day, as even Nintendo recently joined up with Hallmark to make Valentine's Day cards. Twitch is no different, as the streaming behemoth just shared a few cards themed around some of its streamers.

Twitch may be known for high-profile bans, but it is spreading the love on February 14th. In a series of a few tweets, Twitch posted some creative Valentine's Day cards to celebrate the day. Interestingly, Twitch took this opportunity to show some love to some smaller content creators, as well as one of its biggest stars.

The layout for the Twitch Valentine's Day cards are quite simple, but cute. They have a solid color for the background, an image of a streamer, a clever line (often with a pun or joke), a 'to' field that is filled in with "chat," and a 'from' that is filled in with whomever the streamer is. The first card that Twitch posted is from a certain streamer who may be getting an ESPN documentary created after him, TimTheTatMan.

The joke on this Valentine's Day card is rather funny, as it pulls directly from TimTheTatMan's win in Fall Guys. It reads "I'd give you my only crown," as Tim struggled for quite some time winning in the last-man-standing party game, which delighted hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch.

While TimTheTatMan has 6.1 million followers on Twitch, AvaGG has 451 thousand. Perhaps not as dynamic a number, but still very impressive. With giving some love to the content creator on the big holiday, her card reads "Are you AVAilable to be my Valentine?" Perhaps the pun is a bit of a stretch, but then again, it is very similar to the cards that are passed around in elementary school.

The smallest streamer to receive a shoutout has only 48.2 thousand followers, and he goes by BigCheeseKIT. Boasting a big smile on his Valentine's Day card with the caption "You're the reason for my cheesin'," the relatively small content creator must be thrilled to receive his time in the limelight from Twitch around the holiday. Being put next to someone like TimTheTatMan could help BigCheeseKit and AvaGG in big ways in terms of follower count and popularity. Valentine's Day is a time to spread love, and Twitch did that in a minor way by giving a few streamers, big and small, a few moments to shine.

The popular game show styled battle royale game Fall Guys is no stranger to limited time events. Developer Mediatonic typically has a special activity happening almost every week ranging from special playlists, crossovers such as the recent DOOM event, and even special modifiers such as giving away double crowns for every win a player managed to achieve. However, the game has become known for its many different outfits that players can purchase from the in-game shop from unique looking designs to skins based on actual franchises.

With Valentine's Day finally here this weekend, Mediatonic released a new trailer for Fall Guys showing off another special limited time event. The brief 30 second video shows a person playing the game when the doorbell unexpectedly rings. In a riff on the popular movie Love Actually, the person opens the door to find the Fall Guys bean character holding a number of cards, flipping through them one by one showing the words I Love You written in different languages.


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