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Tom Hardy and the CAPONE Madness

- By aplodernet1
Publish Date : 2021-03-11 13:46:25
Tom Hardy and the CAPONE Madness

Capone is a type of film that tests the audience's endurance to how much they are able to tolerate the appearance of the main character. Here we see Tom Hardy spitting, putting on a sour face, roaring and pooping on his pants (small and big, I'm not making it up). If you can find fun or a point of art, maybe, from Tom Hardy's behavior, then there is a chance that you will enjoy this film. If not, then you will feel like the whole film feels like a useless story.

When I saw the news that there was going to be a film called Fonzo - the name of the previous film - and saw that Tom Hardy would be starring in it, I thought "How many gangsters have Tom Hardy played in his career?" Remember that Tom Hardy used to play in Bronson and Legend , and now he is again starring as a criminal in the real world. It is possible that Tom Hardy will be known as someone who plays the gangster because I don't think he will stop at Capone . Even so, I am still excited to wait for this film.

You may often hear the name Al Capone. He is a  gangster , a mobster who often makes cases in the 1920s. He was usually played during his prime, such as in the film The Untouchables where Al Capone was played by Robert De Niro. His fame even made him appear in the comedy film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian in which he was played by Jon Bernthal. What may not have been seen, however, is what the final days of Public Enemy Number 1 will be.

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Capone recounts the times when Al Capone (Tom Hardy) was released from prison because he was no longer considered a threat to society. He was expelled because his brain had been eaten away by his syphilis. The doctors even considered Al Capone to have the mentality of a 12 year old child. Now he lives in his luxury home in Florida with his family, including his wife, Mae (Linda Cardellini). His daily life was simply filled with sitting with a sour face while smoking his cigar.

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Even so, he is still under surveillance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation because they think that Al Capone might pretend to have an illness. They also assumed that Al Capone was hiding US $ 10 million, something that even he was not sure whether or not it was true. Pressure from federal agents and his increasingly violent disease made Al Capone worse off as time went on. Increasingly, he was increasingly unfamiliar with the faces around him. He also hallucinated more and more frequently, to the point where he didn't even notice that he was defecating in his pants.

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Yes, pooping in your pants. Not once but twice I had to see Tom Hardy dancing while he was making "something". The scene was sickening and disgusting, but I still have to praise how committed Tom is to doing it. Does Tom Hardy give any good acting? Hmm, I don't really know that. Here, she uses make-up that leaves her face damaged, her hair thinning, and her eyes that are red like blood. As the film progresses, he just keeps the same face on and on, he grumbles and speaks in a low, indistinct tone, and he doesn't do much.

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Yes, it all shows that Tom Hardy is a very committed actor. He was able to show how crazy Al Capone was at the end of his life, but is what he channels into his character any good acting if what he does for 100 minutes is always the same thing? Although I'm sad enough to say it, but it's not. Tom Hardy's Al Capone is indeed my concern during the film, because he is the only one who is interesting in this film. Had it not been Tom playing, Capone could have been a much worse film.

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And yes, only the character Al Capone managed to catch my eye during the film. The flow of the film feels too slow, and not much happens. Even some scenes that may be considered important for the film's story feel too long and even feel unimportant, such as in one of the hallucinations experienced by Al Capone at the end of the film. The scene takes approximately 7 minutes, and makes us believe that what happened really happened, but it wasn't. The things that we have been holding seem to just slip away because what happened was only in Al Capone's mind.

What makes the story messy is how many side stories are told but never explored further. Like how Al Capone has a son whose family does not know who now lives in Cleveland named Tony (Mason Guccione). Also how is the story of Al Capone's personal doctor who apparently works with a federal agent, Doctor Karlock (Kyle MacLachlan). These hanging stories only feel halfway because we are more focused on the imaginations going on in Al Capone's mind.

Running for more than 100 minutes, Capone is not a biopic. Josh Trank - director, writer and editor - doesn't seem to really see what really happened to Al Capone at the end of his life, because  Capone  is so wild it doesn't even feel that what we see is someone's real life. This is also not a gangster film  because even though it tells of one of the most popular figures in the gangster world  , this film is not centered on Al Capone's criminal activities. Indeed, we see a  gangster with his many subordinates and federal agents who are still after him, and we also see Al Capone holding a  tommy gun.gold plated, but this film does not highlight the elements that  gangsters in general.

So what is  Capone ? Honestly, I have a hard time answering myself. Why don't we agree that this is Josh Trank's imagination regarding the last life of Al Capone, a character who has never been discussed until now. And to be more honest, I feel disappointed to see Tom Hardy playing in a film that could rival his legendary film, Bronson . Both of them tell of someone who has an extraordinary personality. It's just that, one film is well-made and captivating. And the other one is made excited and wild but it just feels messy.

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