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The Walking Dead: Survivors PvP Strategy Game Announced

Author : hartatum
Publish Date : 2021-03-17 12:51:58
The Walking Dead: Survivors PvP Strategy Game Announced

The Walking Dead TV series may be gearing up for its eventual conclusion, but this doesn't mark the end for the franchise as a whole. Several spin-off shows have already been confirmed to be in production and, later this year, there's going to be a new video game for mobile.

This isn't the first Walking Dead game to release on mobile devices; that would be 2015's The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, an RPG that also featured resource management mechanics, similar to something like Clash of Clans. This new one, simply titled The Walking Dead: Survivors, is described as a PvP strategy survival game.

Skybound, the company founded by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, is behind the project and is working alongside Chinese company Elex. Elex is considered one of the top companies in China and is responsible for other mobile games like Clash of Kings, though it looks like this is its first time getting to work on an established and incredibly popular IP.

Players will be tasked with building a town, which they must protect from hordes of walkers, bandits, and other players. To better protect themselves, they must fortify their defenses by taking advantage of the Survivors, the various characters that can be recruited. As can be expected, Survivors will all be characters from the original comic, with Skybound and Elex already promising the likes of Rick Grimes, Maya, Vayne, Glenn, Michonne, and Dwight. Survivors will have their own abilities and are used for both protecting the town from enemies and also developing the town and improving it, so players will need to constantly make them stronger and work out who would be best for a particular job.

It sounds like the game will be riddled with fan service for long time fans, as it will also allow players to relive certain moments from the comic and visit familiar locations. What's more, Negan himself will be included as a regular threat. Players will need to team up and form clans in order to fight back against him and his gang of Saviors.

Pre-registration is already available in both the UK and US for iOS. Android owners can also pre-register but only in the US. The game itself is set to launch this summer, but an exact date hasn't been given yet. With any luck it will also coincide with the final season of The Walking Dead TV series.

In the meantime, eager fans can pass the time with some other Walking Dead games, such as VR title The Walking Dead: Onslaught or the more story-driven Telltale games. Barring those, there are several other zombie-related games perfect for fans of the franchise.

Over a decade since its debut, The Walking Dead might have lost a lot of its mainstream popularity but it keeps making use of rather nonsensical logic to tell its story. The series has always taken liberties with viewers suspending their disbelief, which has led to some outlandish things.

That’s not always the case, as some stuff comes across as rather ridiculous simply because the series is set in the zombie apocalypse, something that in itself is a bizarre scenario. What’s great about all this is that the memes pointing out the nonsensical elements are always a riot to check out.


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