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The Sims 4 Releases Roadmap for Summer 2021 Updates and Events

Author : eulatin
Publish Date : 2021-05-18 10:52:06
The Sims 4 Releases Roadmap for Summer 2021 Updates and Events

With the game's Snowy Escape DLC firmly in the rearview mirror, Sims 4 fans are likely wondering what's next for the ever-expanding life simulator. Luckily, it seems developer Maxis is planning to launch a lot of content in the coming months, revealing today that it's dropping multiple add-ons for the game throughout May, June, and July.

Laying out a roadmap known as the "Summer of Sims" on Twitter, it seems players will be able to expect fresh kits, updates, events, and even a new expansion pack. Although the company doesn't explicitly show off these new additions to The Sims 4, the roadmap image teases what players should expect.

The first slot on the roadmap has already been announced, with The Sims 4's Courtyard Oasis Kit set to launch tomorrow. The Moroccan-inspired add-on brings plenty of new furniture to the game, allowing players to add tiled fountains and other courtyard-focused additions to their homes. The kit will be followed by a cryptic game pack, which will allegedly contain a new Sims 4 career path for players to experience.

The roadmap also teases two new events. The first will be an evolution of its Pride event last year, with the team teasing a virtual block party to celebrate its LGBTQ+ audience. There will also be a mysterious Summer event, although there's less detail regarding what it will entail. The game merely teases that players will be able to "rock out at the Sims event of the Summer."

The final two entries in the Summer of Sims allude to some base game updates and a fresh expansion. With regards to the updates, the roadmap claims there will be three waves of fixes, with Maxis likely patching out some of the main issues players have been struggling with. Meanwhile, the focus of the expansion is left cryptic, with the roadmap teasing that Sims 4 players should expect to "bond with nature." Some have speculated it could center on the player building and cultivating a farm, which would be very different for the franchise.

Those wanting more information about the next three months of Sims 4 content can tune into a livestream from Maxis tomorrow, with the team's Twitter account revealing it will air at 11:00 a.m. PST. Hopefully, the broadcast will hold some new announcements about the future lineup, including fresh details on its mysterious game pack and nature-based expansion. In the meantime, players can look forward to getting their hands on the Courtyard Oasis Kit when it launches tomorrow.

As a franchise, The Sims has pretty much always striven to be as inclusive as possible. The Sims 4 is its most inclusive title yet, having tons of options for players to customize their Sims and how they identify themselves. In a post-launch patch, The Sims 4 updated its Create-a-Sim to be more gender-inclusive, so fashion and other bodily functions were no longer tied to gender. This update made it much easier for players to play with life, especially in regards to gender identity and gender presentation. Despite all the good The Sims 4 has done in terms of CAS, there’s still a few areas it could improve in.


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