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The Division 2 Players Reporting PS5 Crashing Issues

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Publish Date : 2021-02-18 13:18:19
The Division 2 Players Reporting PS5 Crashing Issues

Massive Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic third-person looter shooter The Division 2 has been going strong since its release in early 2019, with three DLC releases, one major content update with the Warlords of New York expansion, limited-time themed events, and regular patches.

The most recent major update, Title Update 12, was originally meant to be the last big update for The Division 2, but player demand and support has caused Massive Entertainment to revise that plan. In a short message on February 12, the company revealed that development has already begun on new content for The Division 2, which will release later in 2021 and into 2022.

In that same message, the developers addressed a major issue that has cropped up for PlayStation 5 players since the introduction of Title Update 12, which added long-awaited 4K and 60fps support for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Gamers have noticed that since installing TU12, they have been experiencing regular and inexplicable crashes. An error message appears and players must return to the PS5 home screen to relaunch the game.

Massive Entertainment has stated that they are investigating the ongoing crashes that many players are experiencing and that fixing the issue is a high priority for The Division 2 development team. An apology for the problem was also made on the official subreddit for The Division.

Some players have stated that the crashes seem to happen when doing particular activities in The Division 2, such as control points. A few gamers think it has to do with being connected to wi-fi; others say it happens even when playing via an ethernet connection. Some players have remarked that they can no longer even boot up the game because it crashes consistently on launch.

PC players have also noted that they are experiencing crashes since Title Update 12 for The Division 2. In most reported occurrences, the game seems to simply close to the desktop with no error message or warning, sometimes multiple times per session. While not much has been heard from Xbox players, if the crashes are happening to both PS5 and PC players, it’s safe to assume that they’re likely occurring on Xbox consoles as well.

Unlike with consoles, there are a number of possible workarounds for the problem on PC, which have been suggested by players. Some of these seem to help alleviate the problem but don’t fix it entirely. These include turning off the Ubisoft Connect in-game overlay, disabling DirectX 12, backing up and then deleting the game’s settings folder, changing the resolution scale to 100%, and so on. While these troubleshooting tips may work for some, it seems that the best option is to wait patiently for Massive Entertainment to release an official patch to fix the issue.

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