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The Best Apex Legends Cosplays

- By hidennee
Publish Date : 2021-02-26 11:31:04
The Best Apex Legends Cosplays

In just two years, Apex Legends has become a huge contender in the battle royale genre. Its incredibly diverse and unique cast of characters has become a playground for cosplayers to ply their craft. The skill and talent these artists display to create breathtaking recreations of Respawn Entertainment's beloved personalities are breathtaking as if they were ripped from the screen and brought to life.

While still a relatively new game, Apex Legends has built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase, including amateur and professional cosplayers. While there is certainly an incredible amount of amazing cosplay out there, here are some of the best. These are hobbyist cosplayers, as well as professional studios.

Reddit user u/drcane shows off an amazing Bloodhound, complete with a raven, gas mask, and a smoke grenade that apparently drew hotel security's interest. The costume was assembled from bits and pieces sourced from eBay. With such an impressive showing, u/drcane admits there are still tweaks they would like to make, like reducing the curve on the top of the gas mask.

Cosplayer Galactic-Reptile has a fantastic portfolio of characters that includes a picture-perfect rendition of Caustic. The amount of detail, as well as the quality of the photos themselves, lend an almost creepy air to the toxic character, drawing the viewer into the deadly range of his gas grenades.

Kayyybear pulls a Lifeline cosplay so spot-on that one would swear she was the inspiration for the character. The level of detail is outstanding, all the way down to the bloodstains on her top. The only thing missing is her D.O.C., Heal Drone.

Instagram user soniaralynn has been a cosplayer for over 15 years and is also a streamer on Facebook Gaming. Her rendition of Wraith is one of the more impressive ones out there. Capturing the moody feel of the popular Apex Legends character.

Sosenka is an amazing cosplayer who has portrayed characters from Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, The Emperor's New Groove, and much, much more. Well known for her amazing transformations into almost any character, her Loba cosplay is no exception.

Hired for EA Live 2019, Erin Ball is a circus performer and double amputee who worked with Aaron Vindua, a prop maker, to bring Octane to life. The custom prosthetics for the cosplay were made by first creating a 3D model to fill Ball's sockets to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.

Henchmen Studios is a professional entertainment design and build studio that has done amazing cosplay for so many different properties. Their Apex Legends line includes the Octane listed above and a large number of the total Apex Legends' cast of characters.

The above cosplayers are just a taste of what the Apex Legends cosplay world has to offer. Respawn Entertainment's battle royale game has inspired many other cosplayers, like Horizon voice actor Elle Newlands, to take on the guise of their creations, and there are so many awesome ones out there. Fans are certainly encouraged to seek out their own favorites or even try their hand at cosplay of their own.


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