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Street Fighter 5 Rose Gameplay Trailer Releases Ahead of Launch

Author : thedeenhay
Publish Date : 2021-04-19 09:55:17
Street Fighter 5 Rose Gameplay Trailer Releases Ahead of Launch

After months of character trailers and teasers courtesy of the Street Fighter 5 developers, Rose will become playable for many players within a few hours. For fans who may have missed out on several months' worth of information pertaining to Season 5 of Street Fighter 5, Capcom released a gameplay trailer to keep players up to date on what to expect from the veteran fortune teller.

For fans who may not have played Street Fighter 5 in a while, up to date, Season 5 is reportedly the final season for Street Fighter 5 in terms of new content. Several fan-favorite characters including Dan, Oro, and Rose were among the five fighters for the new season. Dan was released in February alongside the Season 5 patch and two months later, the Rose patch is on its way as the servers go down for maintenance.

The trailer begins with Rose fighting against her student, Menat, while showing off her familiar specials, but with several interesting twists. Her fireball, Soul Spark, for example, can be initiated in the air, giving the Italian fighter an air fireball for the first time in series history. Other staple moves such as her slide can now combo into her other special moves with the right distance. Other notable moves including her long-range heavy kick, Soul Piede, and her other core special move, Soul Spiral. Her Soul Reflect, once used to absorb her opponent's projectiles in previous games, is now her V-Reversal.

Rose's first V-Skill is her Soul Fortune, giving her a tarot card at random, ranging from self buffs including an increase in V-Meter gain and attack damage. Her tarot cards may also give her opponent a set of debuffs including increased chip damage dealt and lowered attack damage. The second V-Skill is Soul Satellite, a lesser version of what was once considered Rose's best Ultra and one of the best defensive Ultras in Street Fighter 4. The core mechanics are still the same as two soul orbs hover around Rose, absorbing projectiles and stopping her opponent's offense, yet Rose can activate up to two orbs at any time, providing her more defensive options.

Her two V-Triggers are Soul Dimension and Soul Illusion, the former granting her the ability to teleport behind or above her opponent raw, during a combo, or in the middle of her block strings. Soul Illusion is a callback to her Street Fighter Alpha days, creating afterimages of herself while also buffing her Soul-based special abilities. An impressive combo vs Bison in the trailer showed off the combo potential Rose has when this V-Trigger is active.

At the end of her trailer, several of her outfits were revealed alongside her Street Fighter Alpha 2-inspired Venice stage, with the stage being included for players who own the Premium Pass or sold separately. One of the most intriguing costumes Rose will have in Street Fighter 5 is her "Nostalgic" costume, featuring her in a gondolier outfit.

Her Nostalgic outfit is actually a reference to her very niche appearance in Capcom Fighting Evolution, in which she will transform into a similar outfit while under the effects of Dimitri's Midnight Bliss, which, in turn, is a reference to Lisa Lisa's outfit in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Capcom making a reference to their older titles, even if the said title was received poorly, adds to the charm that Street Fighter 5 has built itself upon for over half of a decade.


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