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Stormi Webster Adorably Reacts to Mom Kylie Jenners Unique New Heels

Author : madgejoseph459
Publish Date : 2021-06-10 21:35:39
Stormi Webster Adorably Reacts to Mom Kylie Jenners Unique New Heels

Stormi Webster Adorably Reacts to Mom Kylie Jenner's Unique New Heels
After getting a delivery from Balenciaga, Kylie Jenner unboxed her new shoes with her daughter Stormi Webster. See the 3-year-old's response to the 3D-printed heels here.


If Kylie Jenner's new pink pumps go missing, we have an idea who might be behind it. 

After all, the reality star's 3-year-old Stormi Webster appeared to be quite the fan of the latest addition to her mom's shoe closet: brand new Balenciaga neon pink heels. 

In videos Kylie shared on Instagram, the mother and daughter are seen unboxing the shoes together with Stormi adorably guessing the color of the designer accessory. "Let's see if the other one is pink or blue or green," Kylie said, echoing her daughter's request to guess the color of the remaining shoe still in a bag.  


Not only were the shoes a fun and vibrant hot pink à la Barbie, they were also made entirely by a 3D printer and out of rubber. The shoes featured an extra special detail as they were also monogrammed on the side with Kylie's name—so there's no mistaking who these heels belong to. 

While the makeup mogul told Stormi about how the shoes were made, Kylie quickly acknowledged that her daughter doesn't exactly know about 3D printing just yet. 


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker continue to heat things up!

The couple, who began dating late last year, hasn't been shy about putting their romance in the spotlight. From posting sexy photos on social media to enjoying family trips together with their children, there's no denying these two are head over heels for each other. 


Case in point? The pair recently packed on the PDA when they were spotted outside a studio in Burbank, Calif. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was photographed wrapping her arms around the Blink-182 drummer, as they embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

However, the lovebirds weren't alone during their afternoon outing. Addison Rae joined in on the fun and even twinned in a matching ensemble as the Poosh founder. The gal pals wore cropped white tank tops, cut-off denim shorts and black Converse sneakers.

As for Travis? The 45-year-old musician skipped the tee and rocked black pants and sneakers.

Back in April—the reality TV personality's birthday month—a source told E! News that sparks were still flying high between Travis and Kourtney.

"Travis adores Kourtney and makes every day special, especially her birthday. He has gone all out to shower her with love, affection, flowers and gifts," an insider close to the E! star shared. "He is very into her and waited a long time to be able to show her how much he cares. He wants to spend all of his time with her and is constantly telling her how much he loves her."


A second source echoed similar sentiments, explaining the 42-year-old star is "head over heels" for the rocker.

"They truly have a bond like no other. No one has seen her feel this way about a man in a very long time," the second insider noted, adding, "They have the best connection and communication, something that's very important to her. They are still in the honeymoon phase and it's going really well." 

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