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Stellaris Nemesis Expansion Gets Release Trailer

Author : liesracege
Publish Date : 2021-04-20 10:52:36
Stellaris Nemesis Expansion Gets Release Trailer

Despite entering its fifth year, Paradox Interactive's Stellaris continues challenging players to take the reigns of a species taking its first steps into galactic exploration. The game has thrown various crises for players to overcome on their quest for galactic peace or domination. However, with its newest expansion, Stellaris allows explorers to become the crisis, as seen in the launch trailer for Stellaris: Nemesis.

Stellaris: Nemesis introduces a rework to the game's user interface to coincide with new espionage abilities to help players spread their influence. With these tools, players will then have to choose between taking the path of a Galactic Custodian or to "become a menace" to the rest of the galaxy. While this may seem like a black or white path split, things will become even murkier as new problems arise across the stars.

As a Galactic Custodian, players are tasked with protecting the galaxy from threats both outside and within. These can range from invading forces to new superweapons capable of wiping out smaller empires. However, the Galactic Custodian also needs to navigate various political problems and consolidate their power. This opens the door to potential peace across the galaxy or assuming control of the Galactic Custodians.

Should players take the path of a menace, their progress will be tracked on the new crisis tab. This will keep track of one's crisis level which, in turn, reflects the danger said player poses to the rest of the galaxy. The rank system begin at menace with level one and continue to level five when players are deemed an "existential threat."

Many TTRPG fans would say Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons isn't just a roleplaying game. Rather, it's also an intense strategy game in its own right. After all, players need to decide what their characters have to do in different situations. Moreover, Player Characters have moral alignments that usually give insights toward their perspectives in life or even in battle. As such, it makes sense for D&D combat encounters to become extremely intense even without the stellar graphics of modern games.

However, players might be interested in learning that their moral alignment in D&D may, in fact, lead them to strategy games that might intrigue them. After all, what better audience to play a strategy game than TTRPG players?

When it comes to strategy games, Civilization probably remains as one of the most memorable in the bunch. After all, it's this series that popularized the 4X genre, and it's staying strong to this day. Thanks to Civilization 6, gamers can relive making a civilization from scratch and see it thrive with better graphics and gameplay. Moreover, the wide variety of world leaders to choose from can make for a ton of fun historical scenarios.

However, perhaps most interesting in Civ 6 is that it can make 4X simple to understand. Thanks to its cartoonish animations and easy-to-grasp interface, anyone new to the genre can easily become a 4X fan in no time.

If there's anything Blizzard's StarCraft 2 can teach gamers, it's: there can never be enough pylons. Anyone who loves RTS game will likely remember the StarCraft sequel for reinvigorating the gaming community's love for intense tactical gameplay. Thanks to this gem of an RTS, players who want a fast-paced RTS can rely on the hardiness of the Terran, the unique abilities of the Protoss, and the sheer numbers of the Zerg to entertain them.


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