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SteelRising May Be Revealing More Info Soon, Heres What We Hope to See

Author : Dorathywadkins99
Publish Date : 2021-05-20 14:25:42
SteelRising May Be Revealing More Info Soon, Heres What We Hope to See

The time may be drawing near for more information to be revealed about Spiders' next RPG, SteelRising. Spiders' new game has one teaser trailer so far, which was released in July 2020, but there hasn't been much more information revealed since then. Though SteelRising doesn't have a release date set in stone, it's been so long since the initial teaser there could be some new information coming soon. A full gameplay reveal is doubtful, but some new details could be revealed, which would excite fans.

The Spiders team has developed many RPG games since its founding in 2008, including the Dragon Age-like GreedFall. With GreedFall, Spiders earned critical and commercial success, and now the independent developer is planning to bring SteelRising to PS5 and Xbox Series X with some fresh content. Critics enjoyed GreedFall's take on 17th colonialism, and the developer looks to be playing with history again with SteelRising. Players are hoping to learn more about what they can expect when they go up against King Louis XVI and his army of automatons.
The basic premise of SteelRising was revealed when the first teaser trailer hit. SteelRising is set in an alternate history French Revolution, where King Louis XVI is attempting to quash the rebellion with an army of robots. Players will take on the role of Aegis, a robot bodyguard of Marie Antionette. This sounds like it could be a compelling twist on history, but perhaps a full-blown trailer could shed some more light on the story and setting.

A cinematic trailer could be revealed to show off specific characters in more detail. The characters of the protagonist Aegis and King Louis XVI are going to be central to the narrative and its events, so a new trailer spotlighting them could whet fans' appetites. A closer look at the individuals driving the narrative and how they're different in SteelRising's alternate take on history could serve to build anticipation.
One of the biggest facets of SteelRising that has yet to be revealed is its gameplay. While there is reason to think SteelRising won't have traditional RPG classes, nothing has been formally revealed about how it will play. Based on Spiders' previous games, players might be able to expect a third-person, action-heavy approach, but again, that might not necessarily be true in the final product. As much as gamers would like to see gameplay for SteelRising soon, it might be unlikely.

Though Spiders opened sign-ups for testing SteelRising back in February, there have seemingly been no reports come out about its gameplay so far. It would stand to reason that Spiders might want to release a new trailer first before showing off its gameplay. It's been nearly a year since its initial trailer, so the developer might want to get fans reacquainted with the title first. Gameplay is unlikely to be shown any time soon, but fans continue to hope that the combat will be revealed.

Spiders has a strong portfolio of RPG games, and SteelRising could be a quality addition to its catalog. While it's unlikely that full gameplay reveal will happen soon, fans might be able to expect a cinematic trailer and hopefully a release window some time soon. A reveal before the fall rush of new releases could be ideal for SteelRising, where it would have room to create a buzz within the industry before the big releases of Q4. While it's purely speculative, fans could be in store for some news after the summer period.


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