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Steam Update Makes it Easier to Browse for Games

Author : silkiron
Publish Date : 2021-04-24 14:39:36
Steam Update Makes it Easier to Browse for Games

When it comes to PC gaming, Valve's Steam platform is by far the most popular download client, dominating the PC market pretty much since it was launched nearly seventeen years ago. Given the might of the software, it's hardy surprising that the company behind it likes to experiment with new features, such as the customizable profanity filters announced last August. Now it looks as though a new feature has been implemented which will make browsing for games easier.

According to a recent blog post, Steam has been experimenting for four months on better ways for users to navigate the store and discover new games. Through its Steam Labs research department, it has built into the platform, and its accompanying website, a number of ways for players to browse, such as in the New & Noteworthy section which brings up new titles as well as trending ones. There's also the Categories section which branches off into sub-genres and themes.

Up until now, the blog post itself says, the list of game categories has been easy to browse, but a little basic. Given that Steam has more than 50,000 games in its catalog, it makes sense that the company would want to create a much easier way for people to browse. With the way it looks now, it should be a better system whereby users can peruse by sub-genres and even player support, such as MMO, general multiplayer or single player titles.

As a PC platform, Steam caters to millions of users from around the world. It recently smashed a record for most concurrent users which saw more than 26 million people using the service between a two-hour period. This is a record that seems to get broken every year. However, this year it was understandable given that the world has been in turmoil for more than a year at this point due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic itself has been devastating to the planet, but has seen a boon in gaming as billions have been under lockdown and confined to their homes for the majority of the time. Given this situation, it was actually possible for classes to be taught online using Valve's Half-Life-Alyx VR game. Though things have been tragic lately, the likes of Steam have arguably kept spirits up as more and more people turn to gaming while the earth recovers, and with the numbers going up, it's likely that Valve will continue to implement more user-friendly features.

When it comes to PC gaming, the big trend these days seems to be one that has people looking for the most powerful gaming computer they can get their hands on. Whether talking about a desktop or a laptop, the aim is usually buying a computer that can either hang with or surpass today's modern consoles. However, those who always look for bigger, better, and more powerful, are missing out. Sometimes, older titles that might not carry the best graphics are actually better than the newer, flashier, shinier titles. The PC can really be a haven for some of the best classic games out there.


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