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Star Wars Games Where You Can Play as Luke Skywalker

- By lamecianan
Publish Date : 2021-03-29 09:32:54
Star Wars Games Where You Can Play as Luke Skywalker

The massive fictional space within the Star Wars universe has no shortage of heroes and villains the use as a basis for material in video game adaptions. Considering the variety of themes and elements in the franchise, from lightsaber duels to pod racing, there is so much that seems ready to be easily categorized into different genres of gaming. One character in particular is quite versatile and skilled a multitude of areas, making him a flexible character to fit into any style of gameplay experience.

The character in question is the primary protagonist of the original Star Wars film trilogy, Luke Skywalker. Proven to be both a talented pilot and extremely strong with the force, Luke Skywalker remains one of the most beloved and powerful characters in the Star Wars mythos. Due to this popularity and range of abilities, Luke has been the featured in several Star Wars video games over the years, ranging from flight sims to those that prominently feature his skill as a Jedi knight. For any fans of the one of the main characters in the sprawling saga set in a galaxy far, far away, these games are not to be missed.

For retro enthusiasts, this classic side scrolling action trilogy on the Super Nintendo was incredibly impressive for the time while also staying true to the events of each respective film. Although players are given control of other characters in the Star Wars universe, much of the action revolves around Luke, from the intense Battle of Hoth all the way to the climactic showdown with Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi.

As is true with many titles from the SNES era of gaming, the Super Star Wars trilogy can be extremely difficult, even for seasoned players of the game. Combining a hefty challenge as one of the hardest Super Nintendo games, dazzling 16-bit graphics and all the charm one can expect from the Star Wars universe, these old school action games are sure to delight longtime fans of the franchise.

Although technically not following any particular Star Wars character or event and serving as more a representation of the series as a whole, Star Wars Battlefront is still an exciting video game adaption of the franchise. Visually stunning recreations of iconic Star Wars landmarks are everywhere and the heroes and villains are furthermore handled with care and careful attention to the source material.

Luke Skywalker himself is depicted in his prime, as a Jedi Master, donning his now iconic uniform from Return of the Jedi. The games make great use of Luke's force powers and experience with lightsaber combat, capable of mowing down dozens of Stormtroopers before they can even reach a blaster. In terms of delivering on the promise of a Star Wars power fantasy and letting the player feel like a true force user, the Star Wars Battlefront games are exceptionally well made in that regard.

The Lego video games are widely beloved by children and adults alike for the faithful yet hilarious depictions of iconic pop culture franchises. Among the most popular of these efforts have been the Lego Star Wars games, which translate the epic sci fi story into a charming, hilarious blocky form. Drawing from all of the films in the franchise, Luke Skywalker naturally features prominently in the games adapting the original trilogy, with fantastically witty results.


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