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Square Enix Enlists Forever Entertainment to Create More Remakes

Author : cockle
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 07:25:39
Square Enix Enlists Forever Entertainment to Create More Remakes

The Polish video game publisher Forever Entertainment S.A. is familiar with making video game remakes. One of its latest releases was the Panzer Dragoon: Remake from last year, and the publisher will be releasing the Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei: Remake later this year. While the publisher has released other video games, it will be making some more remakes soon.

Recently, Square Enix Japan made a deal with Forever Entertainment S.A. to remake multiple games for the company. Though, there's no exact number of how many remakes there will be. Square Enix is licensing one of its gaming intellectual properties to the publisher to remake, but the IP's identity has not been shared yet. Forever Entertainment will release more ongoing reports on the game remakes including their release dates.

Forever Entertainment has experience making video game remakes, including the Panzer Dragoon remakes to the planned future remakes for The House of the Dead and its sequel The House of the Dead 2. The publisher even published a previous video game with licensing from Square Enix. It was the game Fear Effect Sedna, released back in 2018 and developed by French studio Sushee.

As part of the deal, the game remakes will maintain their original core gameplay and have major graphical upgrades. It's unknown if the remakes will have graphic visuals on the level of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. So, players can expect the remakes to be faithful to the original games and have better visuals as well.

As one might expect, Forever Entertainment will be creating the remakes and earning a share of the profits from them. Reportedly, the publisher will earn more than 50% of the revenue generated from the remakes on all game platforms when they're released. However, the studio will have to front the development costs on its own. Depending on the title, this may or may not be much of a burden for the publisher.

Since Square Enix has been around for years now, there are various possibilities on which of its game IPs will be getting remakes. This rules out the company's more recent published titles, like Nier: Automata. Some players have already speculated that these could be remakes for the Parasite Eve series, which still has a strong fanbase to this day. While other players suggest the remakes could be games from the SaGa series, the Star Ocean series, or the Drakengard series. Each of which have multiple entries in their respective series.

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake garnering a mostly positive reception, one cannot help but imagine what other games Square Enix could give the same treatment to. At this point, the publisher's main goal is to release Final Fantasy VII's subsequent parts over the next couple of years, but gaming will stretch beyond that.

In this case, Square Enix remade arguably its most popular game ever, ensuring there is already a huge customer base waiting for the remake. While that is clearly a smart strategy, it is arguably the company's less-successful titles that would benefit the most from the remake treatment. Whether revisiting an all-time classic or doing justice to a game that failed to live up to its potential, here are 10 (non-Final Fantasy) titles Square Enix should remake after Final Fantasy VII.


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