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Sojourn is Effectively the Face of Overwatch 2

Author : hotelgate
Publish Date : 2021-04-14 14:42:09
Sojourn is Effectively the Face of Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is going to be packed with characters, and while a majority of the roster will be returning from the first game, players can expect several new heroes as well. Thus far, though, only one new hero has been officially revealed. Going by the name Sojourn, the character has been known about for some time now, as she was a Captain with Overwatch back before the group was disbanded.

However, with so little footage being shown for Overwatch 2 thus far, Sojourn is steadily becoming one of the most recognizable things about the game. The only new character that fans can have any attachment to, a fair bit is known about her moveset and players have seen her attire. Gamers are also aware of her voice actor, fragments of her backstory, and more, giving them a reason to associate the hero with the next Overwatch game.

Blizzard has stated that Sojourn is “right at the center” of Overwatch 2’s narrative, confirming that the character will appear heavily in the PvE missions of the game. With such a big role in the story, she has a good chance of becoming popular with fans. Further, her importance has seen her feature in both the original Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer as well as the Behind the Scenes footage, confirming that she will be around often. With this in mind, it seems likely that Sojourn will appear on promotional material for the game, further expanding her role as the face of the game.

Not only has Blizzard been confident enough to show Sojourn off before all the other heroes, but her railgun allows her to fill a role that is currently not occupied in the world of Overwatch. This helps her stand out a bit more, as having some abilities that provide a truly unique playstyle could give her an edge over other character additions when it comes to popularity. Further, players have been waiting to see her in-game for some time now, with Sojourn’s portrait shown briefly in Winston’s Recall short and the character heard speaking in the Storm Rising Archives mission. With so many teases for the hero over the years, having the chance to play as Sojourn and learn more about her story is long overdue.

Sojourn also has a few important traits that add a lot to Overwatch’s current hero roster. First, she is the game’s only Canadian hero, wearing a maple leaf on her shoulder proudly and adding some much-needed representation for the country. Second, she is the first playable black woman inside Overwatch, a role that many fans have been waiting to see filled for the last few years. Having an experienced voice actor in Cherise Boothe as well, there is plenty of upside to Sojourn’s addition. As such, positioning her as the face of the game makes sense. Much like what was done with Tracer in the original Overwatch, giving the sequel a mascot is a wise idea, and it is hard to think of a better choice for such an important role.


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