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Skyrims Dragonsreach Recreated in Valheim

Author : andraland
Publish Date : 2021-04-06 11:42:51
Skyrims Dragonsreach Recreated in Valheim

The sheer amount of perseverance and imagination that Valheim players have showcased seems to keep the online community in awe of their creativity. With so many amazing Valheim constructions that have impressed a lot of their fellow players, another fan has recently shared their own rendition of one of the most iconic strongholds in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragonsreach.

This is not the first time that a Valheim fan has recreated a location from Skyrim within the survival game. Another player was also able to build the city of Whiterun from the ground up. Fans of the role-playing game will likely recall that Whiterun is one of the first big cities encountered in the game, and is considered by many as one of the jumping points from where many of their exciting Skyrim adventures began. Now, another fan has also taken inspiration from Whiterun, but has chosen to focus on the seat of power found within the city's walls.

On Reddit, user itsreallyonlybryce shared several screenshots of their massive construction on top of a rocky hill on Valheim. The stone castle will likely impress other Skyrim fans, as it stands complete with its cobblestone stairs, and wooden archways. The creator proudly shared that it took up more than 50 hours to construct the whole thing, which is no surprise, given the large amount of detail put into the building.

Itsreallyonlybryce was also able to share a YouTube video of their version of Dragonsreach, giving interested fans a tour into one of the most interesting parts of Whiterun Hold. The character goes through the large entryway adorned with blazing campfires, and even goes up the steps to sit at the feet of the Jarl's throne. The character goes through each of the rooms in the building, showcasing both big and small details such as food items, hanging decor, the castle's stone terrace, and even a few hidden spots that Skyrim fans will likely appreciate.

On the Reddit thread, itsreallyonlybryce shared that they have made the building available for implementation on any Valheim player's game via NexusMods. For fans who are interested, they only have to download and install a few specific Valheim mods to be able to have the building in their game's world. With the sheer size and great attention to detail in this construction, any Skyrim fan will likely enjoy having the stone castle looming over their fields in Valheim.

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