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Secretlab Debuts Desk Designed for PC Gaming

Author : kneesglane
Publish Date : 2021-04-28 08:29:02
Secretlab Debuts Desk Designed for PC Gaming

Secretlab is best known for its high-quality, award-winning gaming chairs. The OMEGA, TITAN, and TITAN XL are known by many as excellent desk chairs. With an array of esport team designs, Game of Thrones, and many other designs, Secretlab has a chair for almost everyone. While chairs are only half of any desk setup, Secretlab has unveiled its new MAGNUS Metal Desk that uses a magnetic ecosystem.

The MAGNUS Metal Desk uses a magnetic ecosystem to help organize the desk, keeping it free of clutter. Secretlab’s MAGNUS desk has an included cable management tray and cover on the back underside of the desk. This cable management tray also has a hinged cover on the top side of the desk for easy access to cables.

Secretlab’s MAGNUS desk has a series of channels built into the desk that allow users to route cables where they need to while reducing clutter on the top side of the desk. While it does not come in a wide variety of designs to match the many Secretlab chair designs, the attention to detail is certainly considered with the MAGNUS desk. The MAGNUS desk adds further customization with its series of accessories, including the MAGPAD, MAGRGB, and Magnetic Cable Anchors, all sold separately.

Computer desks have been a hot topic of discussion as more people have transitioned to working from home with some people needing to buy a new desk and chair. Secretlab's introduction of its new MAGNUS desk allows it to become more of a one stop shop for people needing both a new chair and a new desk for their work from home or gaming setups.

The accessories use magnets to attach to the desk, keeping the MAGPAD sturdy and letting the MAGRGB strip stay out of the way while lighting up the users backside of the desk to match their setup or their Mortal Kombat Secretlab chair.

The Magnus desk also features up to 20mm of height adjustability on each leg, allowing users to fine-tune the leveling of the desk in case their floor is not level. This is a great feature for people who do not want a standing desk. For people who prefer standing desks, hopefully, future versions of the MAGNUS desk will come in standing desk options, though that would likely increase the price of the desk.

The Secretlab MAGNUS desk is 27” wide, 29” tall, and comes in either a 47” or 59” option. With a maximum load of 220.5 pounds, users should feel secure putting their computer, monitors, and peripherals on top of the MAGNUS desk. The 59” version is currently on pre-order for $449 while the 47” option will release at a later date for $399.

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