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Rumor: Rust Could Receive Voiced DLC, More

Author : raysdart
Publish Date : 2021-05-17 11:00:26
Rumor: Rust Could Receive Voiced DLC, More

Among information about Rust's latest update was a small note that has led many to believe there could be a fully-voiced DLC coming to the survival game in the near-future. Many Rust YouTubers and content creators have been reporting on the update and fueling the flames of rumors surrounding new voiced DLC for the game, thanks to a single line on the commits.rust page, where updates to Rust are posted by its developers.

Rust has changed a substantial amount since its early access release in December of 2013. Along with Rust's large visual upgrades, there have been gameplay updates that have added tech trees, sweeping balance changes to its weapons and items, and even the addition of in-game poker. New updates are promising underwater gameplay, in the form of the addition of submarines to the game, as well as several bug fixes to the rail system and a mysterious new audio-related DLC.

Facepunch have been posting many new updates to the commits.rust page, a place where updates are made to the game's source code. Among these updates to Rust is a single line that has led to the speculation of fully-voiced DLC arriving sometime soon. It reads "rust_reboot/main/voiceprops/dlc#61483," with the comment "material opacity change for the shadow box has finally come through" and was posted by Tom Butters, one of the 3D artists over at Facepunch. This doesn't give much information as to what it is all about, but the inclusion of the terms 'voiceprops' and 'dlc' have been enough to get the rumor mill turning.

Many are speculating fully-voiced DLC as an option, which could mean things like NPC dialog or cutscenes. However, ideas such as the inclusion of karaoke or new features for Rust's in-game telephone system are perhaps more likely. An update of some kind to the telephone system is a reasonable assumption to make, as the last update to use the command 'voiceprops' was indeed to do with Rust's phones. Having said that, Facepunch has a habit of adding tons of new content to Rust with DLC updates, so the idea that this is something completely new to the game is not unfounded.

While Rust has proximity voice, as well as its incredible in-game telephone system, the inclusion of some form of NPC-driven content would be an interesting addition. Obviously, all notions of what this DLC could entail are entirely speculative, but with how much Rust has evolved over the course of its now 8-year life, it isn't entirely unprecedented for vast changes to come to the title in the not-too-distant future. On top of that, with Rust's console edition coming out soon, adding extra content to the game could help to bolster its launch.

Rust 1.0 was released three years ago, but the early access version has been available since 2013. The Rust player base has grown each year since it was first introduced eight years ago. Rust is an engaging survival game that combines aspects of PvP, RPG, and Survival. In just a couple of weeks, a console version will launch on the Xbox and PS.


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