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Rocket League Season 3 Simplifying Item Trade-In Process

Author : pantsshop
Publish Date : 2021-04-03 11:52:57
Rocket League Season 3 Simplifying Item Trade-In Process

There's nothing else quite like Rocket League, the automobile soccer game in which fast-driving, gravity-defying cars hit a ball around a futuristic field. Now, ahead of the game's third season, Rocket League is getting a few updates, most notably to its trade-in system.

A trailer for Rocket League's upcoming Season 3 was released a few days ago and reveals a new vehicle and new upgrades, but news of the reworked trade-in system comes from a tweet Rocket League's official Twitter account sent out earlier today. The tweet promises that Rocket League's trade-in process will be made easier than ever, and the information in the link provided seems to confirm that this is indeed the case.

On April 6, a day before Season 3 goes live, a dedicated trade-in button will be added to the garage menu. From there, items will be divided into the categories of Blueprints, Tournament Items, and Core Items, with each subsection organized in order of rarity. The new menu system will also display how many trade-ins the player has available, an update that should streamline the trade-in process. Rocket League also recently added bundle purchases to the shop, so streamlining the UI seems to be a priority for the dev team.

Once the update goes live players will be able to mix different families of blueprints from different series when they trade them in. Doing this will change the player's chances of getting a blueprint from a specific series in return, with the chances increasing when more blueprints from that same series are offered up. There's a definite learning curve when it comes to mastering car control in Rocket League, but now, thanks to the trade-in menu update and other previous, similar updates, Rocket League's menus are becoming easier and easier to navigate.

After Epic Games bought Psyonix in 2020, the Rocket League community expanded to over a million concurrent players. Many players new to the game are still learning how to hit the ball and play as a team. After getting past gold III, beginners often have trouble getting over the platinum hump.

The skill gap between gold and diamond is considerable, and players need to learn several tactics before they have a chance to progress. Rocket League has an incredible library of training modes, and players looking to improve should spend some time practicing in the Arena. Below are tactics and methods players should be using to progress to diamond 1.

Diamond players know how and when to rotate in 3v3 and 2v2. Every team should have an active rotation, with one player at the front tracking the ball. The remaining two players should be ready for a potential pass or clear. The player in the third position should be at the midline or back third to save long-shot attempts and block good clears. After the player in position one hits the ball, the player should continue to dribble, shoot, or pass. Once the player in position one executes a pass or shot, the player should rotate into position three and let the player in position two attempt a shot or pass. Teams should maintain the rotation pattern throughout the match. Players must play their role and press when they are in the first position in the rotation. Likewise, players in the third position must wait until they are in the second position to move up the pitch. The easiest way to get scored on is to have three players commit for one ball.


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