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Ring Fit Adventure Appears in Japanese Fitness Magazine

Author : bemeryer
Publish Date : 2021-02-17 12:53:32
Ring Fit Adventure Appears in Japanese Fitness Magazine

Ring Fit Adventure is one of the Switch's most successful games. Effortlessly combining game mechanics and exercise, Ring Fit Adventure is an easily accessible option for Nintendo Switch owners to get fit and hopefully have fun while doing it. While the game has received massive commercial success over the last year, it was recently featured in an issue of a Japanese fitness magazine.

Back when COVID-19 first hit and quarantine lockdowns began to occur all across the world, Ring Fit Adventure was a game that saw a massive amount of success. With most of the world working from home, Ring Fit Adventure helped a significant number of people maintain their fitness level in light of the fact that most gyms had closed down. Now, a full year afterward, the game has caught the attention of a Japanese fitness magazine called Tarzan.

Nintendo Japan recently published some tips in order to help players more effectively enjoy the experience. Much like regular exercise, Ring Fit Adventure is quite challenging and it's easy for players to get discouraged while playing. In fact, when the game first released, one player suffered an embarrassing injury while playing Ring Fit Adventure and other players may certainly have had some other similar problems while tackling the game.

The advice offered in the issue of Tarzan magazine was meant to encourage and help players to more easily approach Ring Fit Adventure, considering that arguably, for some people, physical exercise can be even more difficult than Dark Souls. Murata-san, a member of the editorial department, told readers to be honest about their fitness level and to not try and be impressive, seeing as it could lead to players giving up on exercise.

Murata-san also mentioned that playing the game daily was not necessary, seeing as it could potentially be viewed as more of a chore than something that's meant to be actively enjoyed. He also advised players to utilize in-game items in order to prepare for battles. Though, conversely, if there are players who tend to focus on things like the rhythm mode that came in an update for Ring Fit Adventure, Murata-san also told players to not be afraid to push themselves as a way to celebrate their success with the game.

During the height of the pandemic, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Ring Fit Adventure were the games that Switch users were flocking to purchase, but now that almost a year has passed since the pandemic hit, it's most likely that some users have sunk more time into Animal Crossing than Ring Fit Adventure. Hopefully, these tips provided by Tarzan magazine will encourage others to pick the game up again.

Trying to keep active while gaming has been a difficult task, as the genre of entertainment often emphasizes long windows of time spent almost completely immobile. However, developers like Nintendo are trying to strike a balance with games like Wii Fit and the highly successful Ring Fit Adventure. However, one player, not content with being limited to the cartoon-styled mini-games of Ring Fit Adventure, has created a mod to use the exercise based controller to play Dark Souls 3 and get a workout at the same time.

The modder, who goes by Super Louis 64 both on Twitter and YouTube, has been making a name for himself as a "controller bender" for his ability to beat games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with DK Bongos, as well as other intense controller challenges. In fact, this isn't even Super Louis 64's first attempt at tackling Dark Souls 3 or other FromSoftware games with expert level challenges, all thanks to some pretty impressive mods.


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