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Resident Evil Villages Scariest Moments

- By Kenishaforgione0565
Publish Date : 2021-05-18 18:32:23
Resident Evil Villages Scariest Moments

The eighth mainline entry in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil Village, feels like an accumulation of inspiration drawn from the series' 25 years long history. While it's not perfect, Resident Evil Village provides a balanced experience of both the lowkey spine-chilling moments of Resident Evil 7, and the panicky action-driven moments of Resident Evil 4.

However, unlike in Resident Evil 7, the jump scares in Resident Evil Village aren't spread across the entirety of the campaign. Rather, they are mostly concentrated in the first half of the game. That being said, there is still plenty of scares to be had in Resident Evil Village, and here are the scariest ones.
The "DO NOT ENTER" House in the Village

While exploring the Village in the early hours of the game, players will come across a house with a sign that says, "DO NOT ENTER." Upon entering, players will come across a shack on the left that has a photograph with a note saying, "Look out the window." Looking outside the window rewards players with the safe code needed to open the nearby lock, but in return, they are greeted by a sneaky Lycan.
The First Encounter with Varcolac
Every encounter with the Lycans is terrifying, especially in the early hours. However, none of them are as frantic as encountering the Varcolac for the first time, the bigger and more dangerous version of the lot. This happens when players enter Moreau's territory. Upon entering, the Varcolac jumps straight onto Ethan and tries to rip off his throat. This encounter can be immensely scary and terrifying as most would venture in off-guard.
Picking up the flask in House Beneviento

House Beneviento is the creepiest location in the entirety of Resident Evil Village, and here's where most of the spooky encounters happen. The first of them takes place as soon Ethan Winters picks up the flask in the doll workshop. The light goes off as soon as he does and the voice of Angie the doll creeps up and says, "I've been waiting for so long." This sets up the premise for what turns out to be the scariest segment of the game.
Spotting Mia's Silhouette in House Beneviento
House Beneviento relies heavily on hallucinations for scares, and it works pretty well. Once players solve the projector puzzle, gets the scissors, and unlock the room with the washbasin from the other side, they will notice Mia's silhouette walking past in the adjacent room. This is easy to miss, but eagle-eyed players may have a good old scare if they notice it.
Encountering the Giant Fetus in House Beneviento

Upon returning from the dungeon with the Breaker Box Key, players will notice that the lights in the main room have gone, and so has the Mia doll. Furthermore, the floor is dripping with blood and what could supposedly be a giant umbilical cord is leading to the elevator room. This is where players first encounter the giant fetus, which is undoubtedly one of the creepiest monster in the game.
The Second Encounter with the Giant Fetus in House Beneviento

Players will encounter the giant fetus once again, and it's even more terrifying the second time around. Grabbing the fuse in the bedroom will result in complete darkness. While returning, the giant fetus will appear out of nowhere, crawling even faster this time around. To escape, players will have to trace their steps back to the bedroom and hide beneath the bed for a moment, resulting in a pulse-pounding moment.


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