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Resident Evil Village: What Happens to Mia

Author : kinejordan
Publish Date : 2021-05-12 13:51:45
Resident Evil Village: What Happens to Mia

In Resident Evil 7, protagonist Ethan Winters travels to Louisiana in search of his missing wife Mia, who was previously believed to be dead. Upon arrival, Ethan does manage to find Mia, but she has been infected with a black mold that makes her not quite human. In Resident Evil 7's canon ending, Ethan manages to cure Mia and the two of them escape from the Baker family plantation with the help of Chris Redfield.

In the years between Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, Ethan and Mia have resumed their married life, having moved to Europe at the behest of Redfield. Ethan has received some combat training to better protect himself in case he ever winds up in a similar situation that he was in during the events of RE7. They seem to be having a fairly normal life, though there is some tension over the events that happened in Resident Evil 7.

As seen in the Resident Evil Village reveal trailer, Ethan and Mia's peaceful life is interrupted when Chris Redfield and his team attack their house. Mia is shot numerous times, with Chris Redfield providing some of the last shots. Ethan and his daughter Rose are then whisked away from their home, and fans may be wondering what exactly happens next with Mia. Be warned that the rest of this article will have MAJOR SPOILERS for Resident Evil Village.

One of the biggest questions going into Resident Evil Village's launch was why Chris Redfield shot Mia. As it so happens, Chris Redfield didn't really shoot Mia. It's revealed near the end of the game that the Mia Winters Chris shot at the beginning wasn't the real Mia at all, but rather Mother Miranda. It seems Mother Miranda has the ability to shapeshift, and so she took Mia's form in an effort to get closer to Rose, winning her trust and making it easier to transfer her dead daughter Eva into Rose's body.

Chris and his team became aware that Ethan wasn't living with the real Mia, and so they launched an operation to take her out. Unfortunately, it seems as though their attempt at killing Mother Miranda failed. She simply took the form of a corpse to trick Chris and his team, then popped back up in the transport vehicle, leaving it a wreck as she made off with Rose. However, this left everyone wondering the whereabouts of the real Mia Winters.

While Ethan Winters is out fighting Mother Miranda's lords and trying to put his daughter back together, Mia is presumed dead. However, when Chris Redfield reaches Mother Miranda's lab, he finds Mia in a cell. As it turns out, Mother Miranda kept Mia alive so that she could conduct experiments on her. Considering Mia's exposure to the black mold during Resident Evil 7 and how she is Rose's real mother, it makes sense that Mother Miranda would want to see if she could learn anything else from Mia.

Chris manages to free Mia from her cell, and then he tells her that Mother Miranda killed Ethan. However, Mia then reveals to Chris that Ethan is "special" and it is unlikely that Miranda actually succeeded in killing him. This entire time, Mia was aware that Ethan had been transformed by the black mold. In fact, Ethan was killed at the very beginning of Resident Evil 7 by Jack Baker, but the black mold essentially brought him back to life and gave him incredible regenerative abilities. That is why Ethan is able to sustain such significant punishment in the Resident Evil games yet somehow stay alive.


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