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Resident Evil Village Fan Creates Incredible Bela Cosplay

- By burnlineark
Publish Date : 2021-05-10 11:31:43
Resident Evil Village Fan Creates Incredible Bela Cosplay

A fan of Capcom's Resident Evil Village has created a cosplay of one of the game's antagonists, Bela, and has done so to great effect. While the cosplay is of a supporting character in Resident Evil Village, it doesn't lessen the impressive likeness achieved.

Resident Evil Village has come out of the gates strong, with a huge viewership on Twitch and impressive numbers on Steam, it has quickly become Capcom's most successful Resident Evil launch to date. This has been helped in no small part by the game's strong female presence, in the form of its larger than life villainess Lady Dimitrescu and her posse of bug-spewing companions. Bela is the oldest of three "sisters" who reside in Resident Evil Village's main castle, the others being Daniela and Cassandra.

The cosplayer, Agos Ashford, posted their representation of Bela to Reddit. A second image on the post shows another cosplayer, vkryp, playing the role of Resident Evil Village's main antagonist Alcina Dimitrescu, sitting seductively on a tattered chair with Agos' Bela. The Bela cosplay is highly detailed, complete with the character's black cloak, ruby necklace, and the large tattoo painted on her forehead.

Not to be outdone, vkyrp's Lady Dimitrescu is equally well put together, sporting her signature black hat, long flowing dress and white pearls dangling from her neck. The cosplayer also does a strong impression of Dimitrescu's seductive stare in the image, pairing with Agos' Bela to create a good likeness to the original characters. The Reddit thread was full of support for the cosplayers, as well as many using the opportunity to discuss their difficulty with taking down Bela during their playthrough of Resident Evil Village; one user even claimed the cosplay gave him "PTSD" flashbacks of the fight.

It's always great to see games inspiring artistic expression through cosplay, whether it's this representation of Bela, a cosplay of Tali from Mass Effect, or a take on any other video game character. This particular creation from Agos Ashford, along with a fantastic Lady Dimitrescu from vkyrp, is a great example of how fans can help to elevate games through their own creative outlets. With the success of Resident Evil Village, as well as the outpouring of love for the game's antagonists, fans can be sure that there will be plenty more cosplaying to come in the future.

After much anticipation, Resident Evil Village has been released for fans to experience all the mysteries of Lady Dimitrescu and her manor. Already, many fans are noticing positive aspects of Resident Evil Village that are similar to other entries in the series, such as the boss fights and memorable atmosphere.

Something very similar to other games is the number of puzzles in Resident Evil Village. While some are mandatory, there are the optional ones that gamers can experience that reward Ethan with treasure, which can be traded in for Lei to upgrade guns and other equipment.

The four labyrinth puzzles in Resident Evil Village consist of tricky miniature iron ball mazes. While interesting, these can be a little tricky to find. So for fans looking to complete these mazes, here are all the locations and the necessary steps to unlock them.


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