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Resident Evil Village Demade Into PS1 Game

Author : Sonyawince651
Publish Date : 2021-05-12 02:33:40
Resident Evil Village Demade Into PS1 Game

After a lot of anticipation, Resident Evil Village has been released and seems to be selling well. While many are impressed with the latest entry in the long-running horror franchise, one fan has demonstrated what the game would look like had it been released on the PlayStation 1.

Resident Evil Village continues the series' return to more traditional survival horror, a genre the original Resident Evil played a part in establishing, and it seems to have succeeded in pleasing Resident Evil fans. The original game released on PlayStation 1 in 1996 and became one of the most popular horror games of all time, with the game's blocky textures, tank controls, and fixed camera adding to the scary atmosphere.
For anyone wondering if a return to PlayStation 1 graphics would make Resident Evil Village scarier, YouTuber Hoolopee's video may provide an answer. The video, which can be watched in full below, gives a brief glimpse at what a Resident Evil Village demake would look like. The video is short but faithfully recreates Resident Evil Village in the style of original Resident Evil, with blocky textures, heavy fog, and a lack of facial animations. The lack of facial animation, in particular, gives another edge to the fan-favorite character of Lady Dimitrescu, whose face now lacking emotion makes her much more creepy.
The Resident Evil community has many members who have chosen not just to play Resident Evil Village, but edit it to heighten the game's atmosphere or even make the games funnier. An example of this is the recent mod for Resident Evil Village that turns a baby into Chris Redfield, making what is meant to be a sweet moment much more bizarre. While some may wonder why a game series about horror and monsters has fans who enjoy making the game funnier, it is important to remember that another aspect of the original Resident Evil was the hilarious voice acting and animations.

Fan reimagining their favorite games has become quite a popular trend in the last few years. It also appears to the PlayStation 1 is a popular choice to demake games for as many older games are nostalgic for the system they grew up playing. In January 2021, it was reported that a Bloodborne fan is currently building a playable PlayStation 1 version of the game. So, of course, it was almost guaranteed that someone would imagine a demake of Resident Evil Village. That being said, this video is very well-made and creates a different creepy atmosphere than the real Resident Evil Village.
Taking place in a fantasy-focused mid-1600s setting, Amazon Game Studios' New World is attempting to offer a new MMO experience complete with monsters, magic, and giant pirate ships. The game is currently slated to launch on August 31 of this year, however, if players want an early look at the game, Amazon has recently dropped an action-packed gameplay trailer.

Titled "This Is Aeternum," the promo focuses on showing off more of the game's world and the battles that will ensue within it, as the game's main characters square off against a variety of powerful enemies. These range from giant demonic beasts and skeletal warriors to undead pirates and large sabertooth cats.


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