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Red Dead Online Offers Double XP & Cash In Most Wanted This Week

Author : pointjoint
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 10:13:29
Red Dead Online Offers Double XP & Cash In Most Wanted This Week

Break out the gun oil and brush off those treasure hunting tools because Red Dead Online is handing out double the rewards for Collectors and its tough-as-nails take on Most Wanted this week. Red Dead Online went solo last month as a standalone title which offers a wide array of activities separate from Rockstar’s single player experience, including this week’s hardcore featured series. Though this marks a major change for the game, Rockstar is sticking to its familiar pattern of giving out frequent, limited-time bonuses to players that regularly jump into the saddle.

Following the online game’s official split from Red Dead Redemption 2, the developers introduced three unique missions in an update called A New Source of Employment. The missions are short and light on story but do allow new and returning players alike a chance to earn some quick cash. The update might have attracted players wary of picking up the standalone title, especially after its price increase in mid-February. Rockstar has also been getting players to boot up the game on a near-weekly basis by routinely offering free rewards for completing tasks or simply logging in. Prior to Red Dead Online’s cost hike, the developers seemed to be going down the list of Roles when picking what rewards to dole out.

In this week’s Red Dead Online offerings, Rockstar rewards players looking to level up fast in the Collector Role or take on the week’s featured series. Uncovering almost any item in free roam which would net Collectors XP will be worth twice the usual amount for a short time. Sadly, the condor egg is left out of this deal. Free roam events in general will be a lucrative pursuit for Collectors this week as winners will take home fifty percent more in-game cash and be rewarded with extra XP boosts. If chasing down collectables for Madam Nazar sounds more enjoyable, then hunt down the Deep Blue Collection. The traveling merchant will part with a Novice or Promising role-specific item for thirty percent off once the collection is turned in. To help players get across the map to locate all these items, Red Dead Online will offer free fast travel for the week.

Virtual cowboys looking to sharpen those fighting skills will want to take part in the current featured series. The variation on a typical Most Wanted match will see players become increasingly valuable to opponents while scaling the leaderboard. Would-be challengers can visit fences this week to get access to sharp and exploding weapons – even if those items were outside of the player’s rank previously. Likewise, rank requirements for pamphlets, up to rank fifty, have been removed for a limited time. Anyone taking on the featured series through March 8 will earn twice the typical payout of cash and XP. Those looking to spend these large winnings can hit the shops for some returning favorites, like the Morales Vest or Macbay Jacket.

It seems like Rockstar is pushing hard to keep players coming back to Red Dead Online by rolling out a steady stream of discounts, rewards, and content. That is unsurprising since the game just started standing on its own, but hopefully this trend does not stop after the dust has settled.


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