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PUBG 11.1 Update Available Now

- By stolenbear
Publish Date : 2021-04-09 07:31:38
PUBG 11.1 Update Available Now

Update 11.1 is available now in PUBG, and it sees the return of the Paramo map, the introduction of the Emergency Pickup item, updates to the Mastery Medal and PUBG ID systems, and more. There appears to be a lot to enjoy with this new season of PUBG.

Perhaps the biggest change with the update is the reintroduction of Paramo, the dynamic 3x3 map that was added in Season 9 of PUBG but taken away in the very next season. PUBG Corp likes to mix things up with a varied map rotation, as Paramo was quickly replaced with an urban map named Haven by Season 10. But Paramo has now returned, including its dynamic changing weather effects from its volcano.

The Emergency Pickup item may be the most exciting new addition. Players can hold the large item in their inventory and use it to deploy a high-altitude Fulton Balloon for the team to use. The entire group can be lifted in the air and carried to a new location in which they will drop and parachute back onto the battlefield. This can be done to get out of a difficult and hectic position, outrun the storm, pick a new spot to loot, etc.

With PUBG now being in Season 11, a new two-month season of Ranked has now kicked off. It no longer runs parallel with the Survival Pass. The Mastery Medals system is also getting an update, as there are 10 new medals being added to PUBG that can be unlocked. And along with that, players can now show off their medals on the new overhauled PUBG ID.

A lot is going on in the world of PUBG, as recently PUBG: New State was even unveiled for mobile. But rumors point to PUBG2 being in development as well, a game that has the potential to recapture the battle royale crowd once again.

The battle royale genre has evolved on the multiplayer FPS formula by allowing everyone in the game to start from the same place. No matter where the player drops in Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone, they'll be scavenging for supplies just as much as anyone on the other side of the map. One of the originals that defined the genre, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG, allowed players to squad up and grab loot in a Hunger Games style race to be the last team standing. While it was once the star of the genre, PUBG has lost its popularity with the new and innovative battle royale titles hitting the market. Developer PUBG Corporation is likely hoping its new entry, PUBG: New State, will be able to recapture that audience.

PUBG: New State is a futuristic mobile sequel coming from the same developer that brought the original PUBG, adding in a new array of genre-identifying features such as vehicles, weapons, and map. This new battle royale will seek to evolve on its predecessor in order to give fans a familiar feeling while using the futuristic setting to introduce new technology, such as drones and deployable ballistic shields. While it all sounds promising, PUBG New State will need to stand out more than the first entry did if it aims to be a success.


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