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PS5 & Xbox Series X Controller Support Now Available For iPhone

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Publish Date : 2021-04-27 16:43:54
PS5 & Xbox Series X Controller Support Now Available For iPhone

As of Monday, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controllers have finally been made compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads after spending roughly half a year on store shelves. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 released in November 2020 along with their brand-new controllers.

The new PlayStation DualSense controller released with a large focus on its haptic feedback, through which different actions in-game cause certain buttons on the controller to give different resistance and vibrations. Developers are now encouraged to create PS5 games with this in mind in order to create the most immersive experiences they can. Xbox, on the other hand, tried to focus the design of its latest controller on making sure a larger range of people can play Xbox Series X/S. The Xbox wireless controller has been built to fit more hands, making the new console more accessible to a larger audience.

Both of these controllers can now also bring their new features to iPhones and iPads via iOS 14.5, which released Monday, GamesRadar reports. Undoubtedly, this is a huge step for this generation. Over the next several years, gaming is looking into becoming even more mobile than ever before, even more so than with consoles like the Switch, DS, and PSP. Microsoft and Google in particular have been experimenting with Xbox Game Pass, Xbox cloud gaming, and Stadia on mobile devices to bring gaming to people’s pockets.

With current technology, though, players are hardly limited to whatever controllers video game companies release, though. It seems even a drum set can be used to play games. However, when it comes down to comparing consoles, it’s impossible to leave more traditional controllers out of the conversation. Even when exploring their basic designs, PlayStation and Xbox controllers have treated gamers in vastly different ways. In the past, the shapes, inputs, and joysticks have been different identifying factors of both sides. Meanwhile, Nintendo has always gone off of expected paths to create completely different controllers.

Thankfully, gamers can now enjoy playing on some Apple devices without having to worry about which ninth-generation controller they own. However, it’s possible that the PS5 DualSense offers a better, more consistent experience. After Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers notoriously began experiencing what gamers refer to as “drift,” many Xbox players have identified drift in the new Xbox wireless controllers. This has already become a glaring issue that’s led to lawsuits and possibly fewer Xbox Series X/S sales. Now, if somebody doesn’t own either console and wants a new controller for their iPhone or iPad, it’s entirely possible that this will cause them to choose the PS5 DualSense, effectively lowering Xbox accessory sales as well. However, regardless of how PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are performing, iPhone and iPad owners now have a new and exciting way to experience mobile gaming.

A high-profile class-action lawsuit regarding drift in the Xbox Elite controller has been moved into arbitration, meaning that it will hopefully be settled outside the courtroom. This case was filed last April when Microsoft was accused of neglecting a defect in their designer controllers that causes the aforementioned drift.






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