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PS5 Dev Kit Design Shown In-Depth in New Images

Author : remyfare
Publish Date : 2021-03-10 07:13:46
PS5 Dev Kit Design Shown In-Depth in New Images

More than a year before the PlayStation 5 launched, images of the PS5 dev kit leaked online but were more or less unconfirmed. At the time, Sony kept a great deal of information regarding the PlayStation 5 under wraps, including, of course, the design — and even the existence — of its dev kit. Thus, whenever a developer tried to confirm that the images were real, the confirmations ended up removed for the sake of secrecy.

Naturally, people saw the confirmations within the post before they disappeared, so the look of the PS5's dev kit has been around for quite some time. But now that the PlayStation 5 has launched, Sony no longer feels the need to suppress most of the information regarding it, meaning images of it and its development kit are free to confidently roam around the social circuit. This is what they're currently doing, as more images of the PlayStation 5 dev kit have made their way online.

A Twitter user going by the handle "wellgamer16" has posted four new images of the kit to his page, and they show off the PS5 dev kit's design from all angles. Viewers get to see it from the front, the back, the side, the top, and underneath. It looks the same as the kit in the images from over a year ago, so if the design in those images wasn't already confirmed to be real, these images would have lent the idea more support.

It's always interesting to see how vastly the console's dev kit design differs from its completed version. The design of the PlayStation 5 and that of its dev kit look nothing at all alike. The PlayStation 5's final design makes it a mammoth of a system; it's the biggest gaming console in modern history. The sheer size difference makes it hard to imagine that it's related to the small, square-like design of its dev kit in any way — not to mention the predominately white finish it has.

With images of the PlayStation 5 dev kit circulating online with impunity, it's apparent that the next-generation consoles are settling into the role of "current-gen" hardware. At this point, all they need is to become more accessible, as right now, getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X or S is nearly impossible. That said, measures are being taken to correct this, such as Joe Biden investigating the console's component shortages, so hopefully, it won't be long before gaming systems become more obtainable.

2021 will be the first full year for the next-generation of gaming, which means that developers are hard at work making great games that will hopefully define the generation. PlayStation has always been known for its exclusives, and that trend will continue this year. Because Sony has decided to make some of its exclusive titles available to the PC market, exclusives might look a little different for PlayStation owners this year, but there are some great titles to look forward to.

This past June, Sony announced many of the games that will come out in 2021 at its Future of Gaming event. Since then, many exclusives have gone without announcements and there are several that still don't have release dates. However, Sony seems confident about its release schedule and so far, no major delays have been announced. Assuming nothing gets delayed into 2022, this year will be filled with promising PlayStation exclusives that take full advantage of the PS5's improved hardware and the unique capabilities of the DualSense controller.


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