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PS5 Console Exclusive Deathloop Gets Action-Packed Trailer

Author : alenadess
Publish Date : 2021-02-26 09:25:18
PS5 Console Exclusive Deathloop Gets Action-Packed Trailer

Sony held a PlayStation State of Play today that shined the spotlight on ten upcoming PlayStation titles. Being 30 minutes long, the event gave each game around three minutes to show off what it was about and what it was bringing to the table. As one may expect, three minutes is the prime amount of time for a trailer, one dedicated to showing off the specific ideas that a game has to offer. As Deathloop was one of the game's in the February 25 State of Play lineup, it, of course, received a trailer.

The PlayStation State of Play premiered the fourth Deathloop trailer so far. However, because it's the third trailer to focus on gameplay, that's what Bethesda labeled it as. The developer titled the trailer "Deja Vu," referencing both the game's theme and the new music track of the same name that accompanies the trailer. The song is by Sencit feat. FJØRA, and gives off some major 007 vibes. Inspired by the song, the trailer plays out like its music video.

As for the trailer's content, it continues the battle between Deathloop's protagonist, Colt, and the Visionaries of Blackreef, who are trying to keep him trapped in the time loop. This time around, a new Visionary named "Ramblin'" Frank Spicer appears. He looks to be a radio show host who also happens to own his own club. The trailer follows Colt and his journey to assassinate Frank. He fails a few times, but in the end, succeeds, killing Frank and claiming that the rest of the Visionaries are next.

At this point, Deathloop seems to have shown everything it needs in regards to its gameplay. Many mechanics displayed in the Deja Vu trailer mimic what past trailers have displayed, such as the "Welcome to Blackreef" trailer. Viewers get to see Colt play with some Dishonored-like abilities, teleporting around and manipulating telekinetic abilities to push his opponents around like ragdolls, all the while shooting whoever gets in his way.

Overall, Deathloop is shaping up to be a very interesting narrative-driven title. Most of the new elements displayed in the trailer come from the story, those being Colt's quest to Ramblin Frank. While the gameplay seems interesting enough, Deathloop's prevailing questions, such as what's causing the time loop and why it exists, overshadow it, which isn't a bad thing by any means. Deathloops's release date is still a way out, so there's certainly more time left for any upcoming trailers to show something new.

Deathloop was announced in June of 2019, and fans of Arkane have been hyped for it ever since. Arkane has a history of creating unique worlds chock-full of gameplay possibilities, and Deathloop looks like it's going to be no exception to that rule. The premise of the Deathloop, in essence, has players playing as an assassin where they are stuck in a time loop, with players having to figure out how to assassinate eight different targets in twenty-four hours. Once the player dies or the twenty-four hours is up, the time loop resets, and it's back to square one.


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