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PS5 and Xbox Series X Launch Sales Are in Line With PS4 and Xbox One

Author : boutnyblake
Publish Date : 2021-02-12 12:22:55
PS5 and Xbox Series X Launch Sales Are in Line With PS4 and Xbox One

For the newest installment of the next generation of gaming consoles that launched in November of 2020, both Sony and Microsoft brought everything they could when comes to their powerhouse machines. Already, many major console sales records are being broken for both of the gaming systems worldwide.

While gaming console scalpers have been making it harder for the general public to get their hands on the systems, the sales numbers are still doing fairly well. However, theoretically, the newer consoles should be outperforming their predecessors, when in actuality, they are only performing about just as well, if not worse.

Researchers from Ampere Analysis, a research and analytics firm, have released a report as to why both consoles may not have been performing as well as they should. While specific reasons vary for each company, similar issues of supply constraints of next-generation consoles and sales issues during the COVID-19 pandemic seem to have negatively affected both Microsoft and Sony.

For Microsoft, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sold a total of 2.8 million units since November. During the same amount of post-launch time, the Xbox One sold 2.9 million units despite releasing in fewer markets around the world. Many deem that Microsoft's stock issue was partly to blame for why the company wasn't able to profit. The company has reported that it will attempt to recuperate the loss through the Xbox Game Pass and audience engagement. Even with this, Microsoft believes that the Xbox Series X/S owners will still be integral to Xbox's business structure until 2025.

On the other hand, Sony has closely matched the performance of the PS4, selling about 4.2 million units worldwide. However, this number does not consider the fact that the PS4 didn't initially release in Japan, the console's home market, while the PS5 released concurrently worldwide. Still, according to Sony's calculations, this makes the PS5 the best selling console of all time. And if it wasn't for the availability issue, Ampere believes that the PS5 would have sold more than five million units worldwide.

Another difference in statistical reporting that needs to be taken into consideration is that Sony's sales figures use retail shipments as its report, and not how many consoles actually make it into the consumers' hands. It is not clear how much of a difference that makes, but it is something that should be kept in mind. Regardless of which side of the console wars gamers are on, it is great seeing that these two companies are able to make the most out of a problematic year and make consoles fans can play proudly for years to come.

Ever since the Xbox Series X first launched, the console has come with a great many quality-of-life features that users are continuing to explore. The amount of feedback given has allowed Microsoft to be reactive in terms of making the console experience more manageable for users. However, there are still a lot of features for the Xbox Series X that have yet to be revealed, and one feature, in particular, may be shown off sooner rather than later.

If there's one thing that Microsoft has accomplished effectively with the Xbox Series X/S, it seems to be user accessibility features. In terms of game library organization, Microsoft has developed overlays that show players what games are Xbox Live Gold or part of Xbox Game Pass as a way to differentiate titles and free up space. However, in regards to Xbox Game Pass, there is one feature that many fans have been looking forward to.






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