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Pokemon Is Now Making Medical-Grade Masks

Author : grabnine
Publish Date : 2021-04-20 12:35:11
Pokemon Is Now Making Medical-Grade Masks

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that people live their lives outside. Many retail brands and entertainment areas have closed down their physical locations, and video game development has slowed way down, simply because everyone is now more aware of keeping safe, and prefer to keep to their homes. To support its fans during these trying times, The Pokemon Company has recently launched new Pokemon-themed medical grade masks in Taiwan.

The Pokemon Company is known for its marketing endeavors to bring its beloved pocket monsters into the hearts and homes of its fans. Not only does it produce new merchandise to coincide with game launches periodically, it also promotes local tourism in several prefectures around Japan. In a way, The Pokemon Company seems like it strives to be visible everywhere, even if it has to be on something as simple as a face mask.

On the official Pokemon Taiwan website, the company announced that it has partnered with NCI Pharmatech, a local Taiwanese pharmaceutical brand, to produce Pokemon-themed face masks. These come at a crucial time where many individuals have to wear masks outside, to protect themselves from being exposed to the coronavirus. The masks are medical-grade and cost NT$499 or $17 USD per box. They will be available starting April 22, 2021.

The Pokemon masks come with four designs, each a different color. Pokemon found in each mask include the ever-popular Electric-type Pikachu, the flexible Normal Pokemon Eevee, and even others such as Snorlax and Jigglypuff. Some of the mask designs also feature the starter Pokemon from the recent title, Pokemon Sword and Shield. These masks can fit both adults and children, so adult fans will likely enjoy purchasing them and wearing them outside.

Though Pokemon fans may be excited to try these masks on, they are only currently available in Taiwan. With the pandemic still continuing on, and travel still banned in different countries, interested buyers may have to find different ways to purchase these cute medical-grade face masks.

Pokemon GO has been out for almost five years now, going through many changes in that time. While there are plenty of changes and updates that are beloved by players, many feel that the game is becoming more reliant on aspects that require players to sink real money into it.

Like many mobile games, Pokemon GO is free to play. There are, however, plenty of purchases that can be made with real money for Pokecoins, which can be exchanged for helpful items. Players can also gain access to exclusive events by buying virtual tickets that can only be accessed by spending real money.

One of the most recent player outcries about how Pokemon GO has been relying on in-app purchases was based around the Spring into Spring event. This event introduced the event exclusive Flower Crown Happiny that could only be obtained through hatching eggs. The hatch rates for this Pokemon were so low, however, that many players had to directly purchase more Pokecoins in order to get incubators. Even then, Flower Crown Happiny was never guaranteed.


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