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Pokemon Home Support Ending for Some Phones

Author : trilazor
Publish Date : 2021-04-15 10:36:56
Pokemon Home Support Ending for Some Phones

Players familiar with Pokemon GO will be aware of the Pokemon Home mobile app and its Nintendo Switch version. With it, users can manage and transfer their Pokemon to games like Pokemon GO and continue their adventures with their favorite Pokemon. However, the app's services will be coming to an end on some older devices.

The Pokemon Company recently announced that Pokemon Home will be ending its support on several types of older mobile phones and operating systems. This was revealed through an in-app notification by Pokemon Home, which identified the specific mobile phones and operating systems. After the upcoming June update, the Pokemon Home app will no longer be compatible with the listed devices and operating systems.

According to the notification, Pokemon Home will no longer be available for the Android 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6 mobile phones. The Pokemon Home app will also not be available for mobile devices with iOS 9, iOS 10, and iOS 11 operating systems. The Pokemon Company also added that there could be other devices that the app might not be properly functional on following the June update.

The company added that it would take some time for the app "to become compatible" with new operating systems. For users with new mobile devices, the Pokemon Company advises users to link the app with their Nintendo Account to transfer over all of their information. Users can check to see if their account is already connected by selecting Options and checking the Account tab.

At the time of writing, the Pokemon Company has not provided much information on the upcoming June update for Pokemon Home. So, users should keep an eye out for future details and notifications from the app. However, previous updates for Pokemon Home have been geared towards improving the app's functionality. A recent example is the Pokemon Home quality-of-life update from February that made it easier for users to sort and select Pokemon.

Of course for some users, this will be incredibly disappointing news. However, people who have Pokemon Home on any of the mentioned phones or still use the specific operating systems will be fine for now. They will still be able to use the app's services for the time being. But once the June update arrives, then it will be discontinued on the listed devices.

It is currently unknown what else the June update will be adding or changing for Pokemon Home. No specific date was announced when the update will go live in June. However, mobile users with current mobile devices and up-to-date operating systems should be fine.

In 2016, Pokemon Go was released and got downloaded across the entire world over half a billion times by the end of the year. The augmented reality mobile video game had over 147 million monthly active users by May 2018, over a billion total downloads by 2019, and grossed more than $6 billion in revenue by 2020. Since then, much content has been added to the game.

Lure Modules are given to players as a reward for hitting Level 8, 10, 15, 25, and 35. Two Lure Modules are given at Level 20, three at Level 30, and four at Level 40. Or, Lure Modules are purchasable from the shop for 100 PokeCoins each or a bundle of eight for 680. Moreover, they are rewards for players that complete certain Special Research tasks.


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