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Pokemon GO Needs New Enemies Besides Team Rocket

Author : andyholders
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 12:18:50
Pokemon GO Needs New Enemies Besides Team Rocket

Team GO Rocket has been a part of Pokemon GO for a long time with many events focused on them. Even outside of events, the team members have been taking over Pokestops, the leaders have been providing players with tough battles, and Giovanni has been a way for players to get powerful legendary Shadow Pokemon.

Pokemon GO players aren't usually inconvenienced by Team GO Rocket's antics, even when Pokestops are taken over. With how long the team has been present however, it may be time for a new villainous team to join the fray and cause a different kind of mayhem for players to deal with.

There are plenty of players that enjoy fighting Team GO Rocket grunts and leaders, but a new challenge might spice things up. The Pokemon series as a whole has seen multiple evil teams that could make an appearance in Pokemon GO in some way. It could even be possible for Niantic to develop a completely original team for players to deal with alongside the struggles provided by Team GO Rocket.

There have been many different evil teams that have appeared in the mainline Pokemon games that hold a lot of potential for implementation in the game. They don't have to replace Team Rocket, but they could hold other possible roles that could result in players challenging them.

Team Magma and Team Aqua from the Hoenn region are the villains that appeared after Team Rocket's reign in generations one and two. With how Pokemon GO relies on player locations for Pokemon spawns and other large mechanics, the implementation of Team GO Magma and Team GO Aqua could build off of this. For example, a boat with a Team GO Aqua grunt could spawn on water and lock down capturing Pokemon in the area until they are defeated. Team GO Magma, meanwhile, could do the same on land, requiring players to hunt them down. Their defeat could lead to rescuing a shadow Pokemon like with Team GO Rocket, but it could also cause a temporary lure-like effect in the area they were defeated for the players that overcame the challenge.

Like with Team GO Rocket, more leaders that are exclusive to Pokemon GO can also be implemented instead of the main games' Shelly, Matt, Tabitha, and Courtney for Team Aqua and Team Magma. Of course, Archie and Maxie would have to still appear as the founders of their teams.

Other evil teams such as Team Galactic, Team Plasma, Team Flare, Team Skull, and the Aether Foundation also have the potential to be implemented in various ways for more NPC trainers for players to defeat. They, however, don't have as much potential as Hoenn's Team Magma and Team Aqua. It still could be also possible for unique encounter and roles for these teams to be carefully designed in a way that makes each team not feel like the same problem with different Pokemon teams.

With how long the Pokemon series has been running, there have been plenty of new villainous teams created for side-games and spin-off titles. While there are plenty of games and teams that have been forgotten, there are plenty that are still fondly remembered in players' hearts.


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