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Pokemon Announcements Coming During 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Author : solunali1
Publish Date : 2021-02-12 10:54:43
Pokemon Announcements Coming During 25th Anniversary Celebrations

2021 is a huge year for Nintendo with several anniversaries for its iconic franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, which its celebrating its 35th, and Pokemon, which is celebrating its 25th. Fans are already a bit more clued in to what Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are hoping to do for Pokemon's 25th anniversary. The Pokemon Company is also promising additional announcements leading up to Pokemon Day on February 27.

Pokemon Day occurs yearly to celebrate the day that Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green were released in Japan, kicking off the franchise that millions of fans love today. This year, The Pokemon Company has already announced that a virtual music concert will help celebrate the day, headlined by musical artist and Pokemon fan Post Malone. This event will kick off the P25 Music series throughout the whole year, which sees special artists like Katy Perry contribute to the Pokemon world in a partnership between The Pokemon Company and Universal Music Group.

Fans often expect big announcements on Pokemon Day, and while there will almost certainly be jaw-dropping announcements this year, The Pokemon Company has hinted fans might hear about them even sooner. In a press release for the virtual concert, The Pokemon Company highlighted many things it was doing in the lead up to Pokemon Day. For example, there will be the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Event on February 20, and a singing Pikachu will be gifted to Sword and Shield players on February 25. Especially interesting is the company saying that fans can expect even more announcements during the week from across the entire franchise.

The Pokemon series has an extensive array of content. There are multiple Pokemon anime, the feature films, multiple mobile games, the main series installments, spin-off games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the upcoming New Pokemon Snap, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and more. If fans can expect to hear news from several areas of the entire franchise, then there will certainly be announcements that speak to all kinds of Pokemon fans. Maybe the highly-desired and long-rumored remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl could finally be confirmed.

There are truly multiple possibilities to what is in store during the week lead-up to Pokemon Day and the day itself. The Pokemon Company could reveal the full list of artists participating in the P25 Music series. Fans could even get more information about the new MOBA Pokemon Unite, which started its beta earlier this year. Whatever the case, Pokemon fans are surely in for something special this year.

The first Pokémon games were the Pokémon Red and Green versions launched on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996. The games started in Japan, spreading like wildfire in North America soon after. Pokémon craze is something that may never go away. While new games like Pokémon Sword and Shield are breaking ground in narrative and combat design, remakes are enhancing nostalgic classics.

There have been several remakes, including Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. If the games release chronologically, we could see Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes soon. In the meantime, let's see which games deserve the remake treatment.


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