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PlayStations Mark Cerny Platinums Demons Souls

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Publish Date : 2021-03-03 07:12:16
PlayStations Mark Cerny Platinums Demons Souls

The ultimate test of skill and dedication in a PlayStation game is often getting the coveted platinum trophy, as this requires players to obtain all other trophies available. The difficulty of doing this varies with each game, but for a notoriously difficult one like Demon's Souls, it's safe to say it isn't easy. As part of the platinum trophy, players need to collect every ring in the game, learn all spells and miracles, beat several bosses in specific ways, and more. Since many of these tasks require multiple playthroughs to complete, those with the Platinum trophy know the game inside and out, and now PlayStation's Mark Cerny is among them.

Mark Cerny is the Lead System Architect of the PS4 and the PS5, and fans may best recognize him from his recent presentation, "The Road to PS5." Although his main role is as system architect, Cerny enjoys playing the games he helps bring to life as well. An avid gamer and trophy hunter, Demon's Souls is the next platinum trophy he is adding to his collection.

In a Tweet posted at the end of February, Cerny shares his achievement in the form of a screenshot of his Demon's Souls platinum trophy. Accompanying the image, his caption states that it still wasn't as difficult as getting the platinum trophy for Cuphead. Cerny got the platinum trophy for Cuphead back in October of last year, another game that is notoriously difficult. Though he clearly thinks Cuphead is the harder of the two, the games are admittedly very different from one another and pose unique challenges.

Cerny doesn't post on Twitter often, but when he does it's usually because he's earned a new platinum trophy. Part of what makes the Demon's Souls platinum trophy difficult to obtain is that it requires multiple playthroughs on the same character, and there are even a few pitfalls that can cause players to need another playthrough on top of that. Not only that, but players also need to understand and manipulate the somewhat complex World Tendency and Character Tendency features of Demon's Souls, though it seems like Cerny had no problem with this aspect of the game.

In the comments, fans congratulate Cerny on the achievement. Seeing what game he tackles next is always an exciting time for his followers, and Demon's Souls was certainly a worthy one to follow up Cuphead. Most of Cerny's trophy hunting will likely take place on PS5 from here on out, so it will be interesting to see what game he goes for next.

The core set for Dark Souls: The Board Game takes players through two mini campaigns featuring enemies and bosses from the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3. By purchasing expansions, players can tackle Dark Souls 2's Iron Keep level, the Darkroot Basin from the original game, and a host of new Mega Bosses from across the franchise. While all of this is great at providing players with new and exciting ways to play, the game is currently missing anything from the predecessor to Dark Souls, Demon's Souls. Thanks to the remake by Bluepoint Games, this title has skyrocketed in popularity, making it the perfect time to release a wave of expansions focusing on Boletaria.


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