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Persona 5 Strikers: How to Beat Killer Teddy Bear

- By havez
Publish Date : 2021-03-02 11:39:59
Persona 5 Strikers: How to Beat Killer Teddy Bear

For players who are underequipped or under-leveled, Persona 5 Strikers can be a very punishing game. While Persona 5 Striker's jail monarchs already pose a significant challenge for players attempting to progress through the game, there are even harder enemies for players to face in the form of Dire Shadows.

Players thinking that Alice Hiiragi would be the hardest enemy they would fight in the Shibuya jail will be sadly mistaken. For those unfamiliar with the enemy, Dire Shadows are optional minibosses that can be attempted by players as they progress through each of Persona 5 Striker's jail locations. While there is no map indicator for the Dire Shadows locations, they can be immediately identified by blue electricity emanating from an enemy.

To find the Killer Teddy Bear's location, players must fast travel to the "Bunkamachi: West" checkpoint in the Shibuya jail. From the checkpoint, players must then use the phantom dash ability up the Ferris wheel before ziplining to the large tower from the top. At the top of the tower, players can then use the rope to rappel down to the ground level before exiting out of the circular area.

At the entrance to the tower area, players will find the Dire Shadow. It is important to note that the Killer Teddy Bear is significantly more challenging than any enemy or boss the player will have faced in the Shibuya and Sendai jails. As a result, players should have reached at least level 20 before attempting the fight. Additionally, players should also make sure that they are well stocked with HP and SP restoration items.

While players should have no trouble finding HP restoring items, they can purchase SP restoring items from the vending machine outside of the Leblanc cafe or from the pineapple shop vendor at the arcade in Sendai. For HP restoring items, it is also recommended that players purchase several rescue pills from Sophie's shop as the Killer Teddy Bear will incapacitate any party member with as little as one hit. Due to the price of all the items players may require for this fight, it is also recommended to invest in the shop discount bond skill.

When players begin the fight against the Killer Teddy Bear they will immediately notice how little damage they will deal to the enemy with basic attacks. While it may display the Killer Teddy Bear's weaknesses as lightning, wind, and death skills, the enemy will only take damage from medium skill attacks, showtime moves, and all-out attacks.

As a result, it is recommended that players prioritize using their SP abilities as they continually build up their showtime gauge. If players are finding the fight too challenging, they are always able to turn the difficulty down to "easy" or return to the jail after progressing further into the game.

Just like in Persona 5, Persona 5 Strikers has eight elemental types of damage. These include Psychokinesis, Nuclear, Ice, Electricity, Fire, Wind, Curse, and Bless. There are also physical and gun-based attacks for technically eleven in total. Plus there is a non-elemental type too, but it doesn’t adhere to any enemy weaknesses so it doesn’t really count in the grand scheme of things.


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