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Overwatch Glitch Causes Brigitte Players to Eliminate Themselves

Author : hollocy
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 08:00:30
Overwatch Glitch Causes Brigitte Players to Eliminate Themselves

BlizzCon 2021, an event hosted entirely online last month on account of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, featured a lot of information about upcoming titles including Diablo 4 and World of Warcraft. Blizzard also offered its fans new details about Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2021, but many are still active in the original Overwatch prior to its release. However, a recent competitive event highlighted a glitch that Brigitte players should watch out for.

The esports Overwatch League (OWL) previously announced structural changes for its 2021 season that begins in April, but before then multiple teams took part in the SteelSeries Invitational on February 28 - hosted by tech developer and esports brand SteelSeries. Los Angeles Gladiators won the tournament, but one moment during the team's match against Boston Uprising stood out to both commentators and fans.

Boston Uprising player Hong-gyu "Faith" Kim, who was added to the team just last month, was playing as Brigitte during an encounter on the Eichenwalde map. In a moment clipped on Twitch by user kiba111 and later uploaded to the r/Competitiveoverwatch subreddit by sakata_gintoki113, Kim tries to save himself from falling off a bridge only to go the wrong way and fall off the other side. Commentators for the Overwatch match seem as confused as anyone, asking "what just happened?"

While Overwatch bugs have seemingly been discovered on Eichenwalde before, this particular issue Kim ran into is likely related to Brigitte herself, according to Dexerto. The site highlights a recent tech for Brigitte to travel long distances when using her Shield Bash after being hit by a knockback ability, and points to fan speculation that it is either glitched or was sent off-kilter by something the player hit while trying to recover.

Regardless of what led to the misplay here, some believe there is an issue that should be addressed by Blizzard. Luckily, even though Overwatch 2 is currently in development, more content will be coming to the original Overwatch, so there is still time for the developer to patch out issues while adding in new content.

Such adjustments will undoubtedly continue into the sequel, which still does not have a release date as of this writing. Overwatch 2 is confirmed to be adding new heroes into the game, which means it's likely issues will crop up for them similar to this one for Brigitte. Fans will just have to wait and see how everything gets handled going forward.

While Overwatch itself doesn't have in-game cut-scenes or a single-player story mode to speak of, Blizzard has worked to build the game's universe and lore through other means. There are plenty of Overwatch comic books and short stories that go a long way in providing deeper insight into the characters and expanding on their backstories, but perhaps the most effective way Blizzard has told the game's stories is through its animated shorts.

Blizzard has produced a number of Overwatch animated shorts in the years since the game was first revealed, all of which showcase specific heroes and provide players with more context for what's happening. A new short has been released since 2019, but the ones that Blizzard has released give fans of the hero-shooter plenty to chew on.


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