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Overwatch 2 Reveals More Details About Bastion

Author : Liah82775
Publish Date : 2021-05-26 09:50:17
Overwatch 2 Reveals More Details About Bastion

Following Blizzard's developer live stream last week, more details have now been revealed concerning changes to Bastion in Overwatch 2. Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman has shared what Blizzard wants to keep in the turret hero and what changes need to be made in order to make him fit in competitively with the rest of the Overwatch characters.

Bastion has had a tough relationship with Overwatch's meta ever since the game first came out. In the beginning, he was a solid pick for players lacking the finesse to play characters like Genji or Tracer, and he quickly became a recurring character in online teams. However, he was so much of a force that players began protesting Overwatch's "Bastion-Meta" and Blizzard nerfed him shortly afterward. As other characters have been developed further and new ones added to the game, Bastion has become a niche pick with an abysmal pick rate in competitive play.
But it looks like the Overwatch team intends to change that for Overwatch 2. Blizzard's updates last week included announcing future major changes to Bastion to work on his utility in the sequel. Goodman has expanded upon the team's ideas for Bastion in a Reddit AMA, and he says that they will be "re-approaching Bastion" to narrow in on what could make him a viable hero. Goodman and the team believe that Bastion's core function is "a transforming robot, with huge damage potential when he is using his various modes well," and this idea of Bastion will be preserved in Overwatch 2.
However, alterations will be made to Bastion to emphasize his play style's focus on "situational awareness and timing/positioning." This means making his two forms, Recon and Sentry, more distinct from one another. The Overwatch 2 team is looking at changing his Recon weapon to add some range to this form's kit. For his Sentry form, the team believes Bastion's lack of mobility is too intense and is looking at allowing him to move slowly while in this form.

To balance the mobility changes, Goodman claims the team is reducing the damage output of Bastion's Sentry gun so that it "isn't quite as deadly as it is in OW1." Goodman also emphasizes that Bastion is still in the middle of his rework process, so any potential changes outlined so far could be altered even further before the testing phase is finished. Blizzard has previously stated that full Overwatch 2 hero reworks will be shown to the public later on in 2021, so it may be some time before fans can see what a revamped Bastion looks like.

Ultimately, Goodman's comments provide more for players to ponder as they look forward to Overwatch 2. For Bastion fans, sequel changes could make it possible to viably play the robot turret more often in competitive play.
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies fans have been wondering how Outbreak’s easter egg would work, as there was potential for it to be a major success or a complete afterthought. Fortunately, it falls into the former category, as gamers seem pleased with the effort that went into making the quest special. Like the Outbreak mode itself, many are surprised by just how strong it is, as Outbreak’s main quest ticks a lot of the boxes needed for a standout Easter egg.

For Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans that had any doubts about Outbreak becoming a major focus for Treyarch, this quest should make it clear that the open world mode is here to stay. Rather than feeling like just another new objective, Outbreak’s quest is a proper Easter egg through and through. In some ways, it is even better than the Survival maps’ quests, with an excellent final boss battle and unique location helping it stand out. While it is still not perfect, it is a strong start, and it gives fans more of a reason to be excited for Season 4’s Outbreak quest.



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